Event Peer Gynt
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VenueChapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, Wales
First Date24th March 2009
Opening Night24th March 2009
Last Date28th March 2009
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Atkinson, JonJon AtkinsonActorThe Troll King
Atkinson, JonJon AtkinsonActorKing of the Apes
Atkinson, JonJon AtkinsonActorSea CaptainSkipper
Bateman, LydiaLydia BatemanActorThe Newcomer’s wife
Bateman, LydiaLydia BatemanActorKari
Callow, JenJen CallowActorWoman in green1
Callow, JenJen CallowActorWarder
Callow, JenJen CallowActorHuhu
Cleak, LindaLinda CleakActorSolveigSolveig 2
Cleak, LindaLinda CleakActorIngrid's mother
Cleak, LindaLinda CleakActorStatue of MemnonVoice of the statuse of Memnon
Corbett, EammonnEammonn CorbettActorThe Newcomer
Corbett, EammonnEammonn CorbettActorA Buttonmoulder
Costley, Marie-ClaireMarie-Claire CostleyActorHussein
Costley, Marie-ClaireMarie-Claire CostleyActorThe Strange Passenger
Costley, Marie-ClaireMarie-Claire CostleyActorBand
Costley, Marie-ClaireMarie-Claire CostleyActorWoman in Green's Sister
Futty, SimonSimon FuttyActorBand
Goodson, DaveDave GoodsonActorPeer Gynt1
Goodson, DaveDave GoodsonActorThin Man
Gould, TrishTrish GouldActorMother Aase
Green, SarahSarah GreenActorAnitra
Hadley, EricEric HadleyActorThe farmer at HegstadIngrid's father
Hadley, EricEric HadleyActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
Hadley, EricEric HadleyActorPeer Gynt4
Hadley, JackJack HadleyActorBand
Heenan-Davies, JeffJeff Heenan-DaviesActorPeer Gynt3
Minto, RachelRachel MintoActorA thief
Minto, RachelRachel MintoActorApis
Minto, RachelRachel MintoActorMusical ensemble
Minto, RachelRachel MintoActorA voice in the darkness
Mulqueen, RachelRachel MulqueenActorHerd girl
Mulqueen, RachelRachel MulqueenActorSlave girl
Paisey, NatalieNatalie PaiseyActorIngrid
Paisey, NatalieNatalie PaiseyActorBand
Palser, MajaMaja PalserActorA girl
Palser, MajaMaja PalserActorSlave girl
Palser, MajaMaja PalserActorMusical ensemble
Rees, GillGill ReesActorWoman in green2
Rees, GillGill ReesActorSolveig3
Ridgeway, PaulPaul RidgewayActorThe cook
Ridgeway, PaulPaul RidgewayActorMusical ensemble
Ridgeway, PaulPaul RidgewayActorBand
Ridgeway, PaulPaul RidgewayActorAslak
Sealy, JoanneJoanne SealyActorA Fence
Sealy, JoanneJoanne SealyActorHerd girl
Smith, BrianBrian SmithActorPeer Gynt2
Smith, BrianBrian SmithActorMonsieur Ballon
Smith, BrianBrian SmithActorBegriffenfeldt
Thomas, RayRay ThomasActorA Priest
Thomas, RayRay ThomasActorMads Moen2
Todd, LukeLuke ToddActorMads Moen1
Todd, LukeLuke ToddActorMusical ensemble
Watson, RebeccaRebecca WatsonActorSolveig1
Williams, MorwenMorwen WilliamsActorMusical ensemble
Williams, TamarTamar WilliamsActorHelga
Futty, SimonSimon FuttyAssistant Director
Mitchell, LizLiz MitchellChoreographer
Joannides, AlexAlex JoannidesComposerComposed, arranged and directed by Alex Joannides
Bourke, MargaretMargaret BourkeCostume Designer
Cawley, GemmaGemma CawleyCostume Designer
Futty, SimonSimon FuttyDirector
Joannides, AlexAlex JoannidesMusical Director
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Production NationalityWales
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationNumber of performances: 5. Wedding guests, Trolls, Apes and Monkeys, Dancing Girls, Lunatics, Sailors, Funeral Guests and Crowds played by members of the Company.
Event Identifier92705