Event Peer Gynt
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VenueTheater Lübeck, Beckergrube 16, Lübeck, Germany
First Date26th September 2008
Last Date24th April 2009
Primary GenreTheatre
Till BauerActorAslak
Till BauerActorSea Captain
Till BauerActorPeer Gynt
Till BauerActorThe Troll King
Robert BrandtActorThe Strange Passenger
Robert BrandtActorMads Moen's father
Robert BrandtActorA Buttonmoulder
Robert BrandtActorTroll courtier
Florian HackeActorPeer Gynt
Florian HackeActorThe boatswain
Florian HackeActorMads Moen
Andreas HutzelActorPeer Gynt
Andreas HutzelActorA Troll
Andreas HutzelActorA boyA young man
Andreas HutzelActorA TrollA troll child
Susanne HöhneActorMourner
Susanne HöhneActorA girl
Susanne HöhneActorCrew
Susanne HöhneActorMother Aase
Susanne HöhneActorWoman in green
Sina KießlingActorCrew
Sina KießlingActorA girl
Sina KießlingActorA Troll
Sina KießlingActorPeer Gynt
Sina KießlingActorMourner
Sina KießlingActorIngrid
Anne SchrammActorA Troll
Anne SchrammActorSolveig
Anne SchrammActorCrew
Will WorkmanActorA man in mourningMourner
Will WorkmanActorPeer Gynt
Will WorkmanActorThe cook
Will WorkmanActorA Troll
Peter SteinAdaptation
Botho StraußAdaptation
Hans KaulComposer
Annette BreuerCostume Designer
Annette BreuerDesigner
Andreas NathusiusDirector
Peter HellingDramaturg
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Production NationalityGermany
Performance language
Further InformationKammerspiele. Number of performances: 19.
Event Identifier92696