Event Peer Gynt
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DescriptionPerformed at Théâtre de Gennevilliers during Festival D'Automne à Paris: 10 - 22 December 1996 and 2 - 19 January 1997. Performed at Centre Dramatique National/Orléans-Loiret-Centre in February 1997.
VenueThéâtre De Gennevilliers, 41 Avenue Des Grésillons, Gennevilliers, France
First Date2nd January 1997
Opening Night10th December 1996
Last Date19th January 1997
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
Christophe BouisseActorThe cook
Christophe BouisseActorYouth from the village
Christophe BouisseActorA manThe man who cuts off his finger
Christophe BouisseActorA TrollTroll child
Christophe BouisseActorWedding Guest
Christophe BouisseActorMr Cotton
Christophe BouisseActorHussein
Olivier CruveillerActorHerr von Eberkopf
Olivier CruveillerActorYouth from the village
Olivier CruveillerActorA Fellah
Olivier CruveillerActorA TrollTroll child
Olivier CruveillerActorWedding Guest
Olivier CruveillerActorA look-outWatch
Olivier CruveillerActorA Priest
Claude DuparfaitActorPeer GyntPart 1
Claude DuparfaitActorA Buttonmoulder
Jean-Marc EderActorMads Moen
Jean-Marc EderActorAn Ugly Child
Jean-Marc EderActorBegriffenfeldt
Jean-Marc EderActorThin Man
Jean-Marc EderActorThe helmsman
Lisa ErbèsActorMusician
Lisa ErbèsActorA girlArab girl
Philippe FretunActorThe Newcomer
Philippe FretunActorThe Troll King
Philippe FretunActorStatue of Memnon
Georges GagneréActorA TrollTroll child
Georges GagneréActorMusician
Philippe GirardActorPeer GyntPart 2
Philippe GirardActorThe farmer at Hegstad
Philippe GirardActorA voice in the darkness
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorHerd girl
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorA TrollTroll child
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorWithered leaf
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorWedding Guest
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorA girlArab girl
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorKari
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorSighs in the air
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorBall of yarn
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorBroken straws
Blanche Giraud BeauregardtActorYouth from the village
Yedwart IngeyActorMads Moen's father
Yedwart IngeyActorTroll courtier
Yedwart IngeyActorMonsieur Ballon
Yedwart IngeyActorA Bailiff
Yedwart IngeyActorThe Strange Passenger
Yedwart IngeyActorWarderKeeper
Evelyne IstriaActorMother Aase
Lucie JousseActorA WomanThe woman in green's sister
Lucie JousseActorHelga
Sarah KarbasnikoffActorSolveig
Flore Lefebvre des NoëttesActorWoman in green
Flore Lefebvre des NoëttesActorAnitra
Flore Lefebvre des NoëttesActorMads Moen's mother
Mélodie PurenActorHelga
Mélodie PurenActorA WomanThe woman in green's sister
Stéphanie RongeotActorBroken straws
Stéphanie RongeotActorHerd girl
Stéphanie RongeotActorA TrollTroll child
Stéphanie RongeotActorWithered leaf
Stéphanie RongeotActorYouth from the village
Stéphanie RongeotActorWedding Guest
Stéphanie RongeotActorA girlArab girl
Stéphanie RongeotActorSighs in the air
Stéphanie RongeotActorIngrid
Stéphanie RongeotActorBall of yarn
Christophe VandeveldeActorA man in mourning
Christophe VandeveldeActorAslak
Christophe VandeveldeActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
Christophe VandeveldeActorHuhu
Christophe VandeveldeActorSea Captain
Christophe VandeveldeActorA TrollTroll child
Stéphane BraunschweigAssistant Director
Gualtiero DazziComposer
Thibault VancraenenbroeckCostume Designer
Stéphane BraunschweigDesigner
Stéphane BraunschweigDirector
Marion HewlettLighting Designer
Suzanne PisteurMask Maker
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
François RegnaultTranslator
Stéphane BraunschweigVideo
Stéphane BraunschweigVideo Designer
Production NationalityFrance
Performance language
Further InformationCo-production: Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Festival D'Automne à Paris and Centre Dramatique National/Orléans-Loiret-Centre.
Event Identifier87748