Event Verso Peer Gynt - esercizi per gli attori: scene da Peer Gynt di Henrik Ibsen a cura di Luca Ronconi
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DescriptionRe-opening on the 10th of January 1996, original opened 13th of April 1995 (see ID: 87504)
VenueTeatro Centrale, Via Celsa 6, Rome, Italy
First Date10th January 1996
Opening Night13th April 1995
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
Roberto BaldassariActorOnion
Roberto BaldassariActorMads Moen
Roberto BaldassariActorA Sailor
Roberto BaldassariActorA PriestMaster of ceremonies
Roberto BaldassariActorA Troll
Riccardo BiniActorThin Man
Riccardo BiniActorThe Strange Passenger
Riccardo BiniActorThe Troll King
Alessio BoniActorWedding Guest
Alessio BoniActorOnion
Alessio BoniActorA Troll
Nicola BortolottiActorWedding Guest
Nicola BortolottiActorA Troll
Massimiliano BronzinoActorWedding Guest
Massimiliano BronzinoActorNostromo
Massimiliano BronzinoActorA Troll
Giancarlo Judica CordigliaActorA PriestMaster of ceremonies
Giancarlo Judica CordigliaActorA Troll
Massimo de FrancovichActorA Buttonmoulder
Pierfrancesco FavinoActorOnion
Pierfrancesco FavinoActorSea CaptainCaptain
Pierfrancesco FavinoActorWedding Guest
Augusto FornariActorOnion
Augusto FornariActorNostromo
Augusto FornariActorWedding Guest
Francesco GagliardiActorAn Ugly Child
Francesco GagliardiActorThe NewcomerSolveig's father
Francesco GagliardiActorOnion
Anna Maria GuarnieriActorSolveig
Anna Maria GuarnieriActorMother Aase
Silvia IannazzoActorWedding Guest
Silvia IannazzoActorA Troll
Silvia IannazzoActorWoman in green
Liliana MassariActorIngrid
Liliana MassariActorWedding Guest
Liliana MassariActorA Troll
Monica MignolliActorWoman in green
Monica MignolliActorWedding Guest
Monica MignolliActorA Troll
Guido MorbelloActorA Troll
Guido MorbelloActorWedding Guest
Maximilian NisiActorMads Moen
Maximilian NisiActorA PriestMaster of ceremonies
Maximilian NisiActorOnion
Irene NoceActorIngrid
Irene NoceActorWedding Guest
Irene NoceActorA Troll
Franca PenoneActorWoman in green
Franca PenoneActorWedding Guest
Franca PenoneActorA Troll
Massimo PopolizioActorPeer Gynt
Marta Paola RicheldiActorMads Moen's mother
Marta Paola RicheldiActorA Troll
Daniele SalvoActorOnion
Daniele SalvoActorA Troll
Luigi SaravoActorA Troll
Luigi SaravoActorWedding Guest
Luigi SaravoActorOnion
Nicola ScorzaActorMads Moen's father
Nicola ScorzaActorThe cook
Nicola ScorzaActorOnion
Nicola ScorzaActorA Troll
Nicola ScorzaActorSea CaptainCaptain
Alfonso VenerosoActorThe cook
Alfonso VenerosoActorOnion
Alfonso VenerosoActorAslak
Alfonso VenerosoActorSea CaptainCaptain
Paolo TerniComposer
Jacques ReynaudCostume Designer
Luca RonconiDirector
Sergio RossiLighting Designer
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Anita RhoTranslator
Production NationalityItaly
Performance languageItalian
Further InformationChanges in the cast at the re-opening in 1996: Guido Morbello, Nicola Bortolotti: Wedding guests, trolls. Massimiliano Bronzino: Wedding guest, Nostromo, troll. Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia: The Master of Ceremonies, troll. Franca Penone: Wedding guest, Woman in green, troll.
Event Identifier87510