Event La donna del mare
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VenueTrieste, Trieste, Italy
First Date10th May 1922
Opening Night5th May 1921
Date EstimatedYes
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
454886Bagni, MargheritaMargherita Bagni (Margherita Bagni)379ActorHilde Wangel
454888Bartoli, LeoLeo Bartoli (Leo Bartoli)379ActorLyngstrand
454889Carminati, TullioTullio Carminati (Tullio Carminati)379ActorA stranger
454885Cristina, AugustaAugusta Cristina (Augusta Cristina)379ActorBolette Wangel
428954Duse, EleonoraEleonora Duse379ActorMrs. Ellida Wangel
454883Galvani, FruFru Galvani (Fru Galvani)379ActorStarring
454887Gemmò, GiulioGiulio Gemmò (Giulio Gemmò)379ActorArnholm
454882Lupi, FruFru Lupi (Fru Lupi)379ActorStarring
449266Robert, AlfredoAlfredo Robert (Alfredo Robert)379ActorBallested
441200Zacconi, ErmeteErmete Zacconi379ActorDr. Wangel
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
454878Gray, Teresa UbertisTeresa Ubertis Gray (Teresa Ubertis Gray)378Translator
Tour Première
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Production NationalityItaly
Performance languageItalian
Further Information(date not confirmed) / Changes in cast: Mr. Carminati played The stranger in Trieste. Mr. and Mrs. Lupi and Mr. and Mrs. Galvani all performed in Rome. / This production went on tour in 1923-1924 in England and USA (with somewhat different crew). / Sources: / l’Arte Drammatica 14. and 21.5.1921, 4.6.1921, 13-2.6.1921, 2.7.1921, 19-2.11.1921, 10.12.1921, 25.3.1922, 20.5.1922. / Corriere della Sera 5., 9., 22. and 29.6. 1921. / Corriere d’Italia 14.11.1921. / Il Tempo 1.11.1921. / Popolo Romano 4., 5. and 15.11.1921.
Event Identifier83169
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