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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
An Enemy of the PeopleShearwood Rd, Sheffield, England19th September 2018Translator
Ghosts180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco, Australia25th October 2012Translator
Ghosts511 W 43rd St, Austin, United States13th October 2011Translator
GhostsUnited States28th June 2009Translator
An Enemy of the People274 North Goodman Street Village Gate Square D313, Rochester, United States14th March 2008Translator
Ghosts: A Family Drama3414 La Branch St, Houston, United States1st February 2002Translator
A Doll's House430 College Avenue, Ithaca, United States7th March 1974Translator
An Enemy of the People220 Baird Hall, Buffalo, United States22nd April 1963Translator
A Doll's House424 West 55th Street, New York, United States2nd February 1963Translator
GhostsE 13th St, Cleveland, United States23rd January 1963Translator
GhostsCleveland, United States12th October 1962Translator
Ghosts83 E 4th St, New York, United States16th September 1961Translator
培尔·金特 (Peer Gynt) (Pei'er Jinte)Pok Fu Lam Rd, Hong Kong, China21st April 1960Translator
GhostsToronto, Canada25th March 1958Translator
Ghosts1 Cavendish Row, Dublin, Ireland4th September 1949Translator
Rosmersholm1 Cavendish Row, Dublin, Ireland20th April 1948Translator
The Wild Duck37 Wilton Place, London, England31st October 1947Translator
Ghosts1 Cavendish Row, Dublin, Ireland10th May 1938Translator
The Wild DuckPalace Street, London, England3rd November 1936Translator
The Warriors of HelgelandBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England18th October 1930Translator
Rosmersholm38 Newmarket Rd, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England3rd June 1930Translator
A Doll's House26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland12th March 1929Translator
The Vikings at Helgeland111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, United States20th March 1928Translator
A Doll's HouseBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England19th November 1927Translator
An Enemy of the PeopleBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England6th November 1926Translator
RosmersholmLittle Queen Street, London, England30th September 1926Adaptation
Ghosts5 Holly Bush Vale, London, England13th October 1925Translator
RosmersholmBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England10th October 1925Translator
A Doll's House26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland28th September 1925Translator
A Doll's House26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland18th December 1923Translator
A Doll's House26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland22nd March 1923Translator
GhostsBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England20th February 1922Translator
An Enemy of the People419 Boston Ave, Medford, United States15th March 1913Translator
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