Contributor Robert Farquharson Sharp
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
99611An Enemy of the PeopleUniversity of Sheffield Drama Studio19th September 2018Translator
86266GhostsSubiaco Arts Centre25th October 2012Translator
94518GhostsHyde Park Theatre13th October 2011Translator
93010GhostsThe McCroskey Memorial Internet Playhouse28th June 2009Translator
92096An Enemy of the PeopleRochester's Black Sheep Theatre Coalition14th March 2008Translator
89199Ghosts: A Family DramaMidtown Art Center1st February 2002Translator
77177A Doll's HouseCornell University Theatre7th March 1974Translator
94040An Enemy of the PeopleBaird Music Hall, S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo22nd April 1963Translator
76659A Doll's HouseTheatre Four2nd February 1963Translator
94165GhostsFrancis E. Drury Theatre23rd January 1963Translator
94164GhostsCharles S. Brooks Theatre12th October 1962Translator
94319GhostsFourth Street Theatre16th September 1961Translator
94400培尔·金特 (Peer Gynt) (Pei'er Jinte)Loke Yew Hall21st April 1960Translator
95150GhostsHart House Theatre25th March 1958Translator
97025GhostsDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)4th September 1949Translator
96989RosmersholmDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)20th April 1948Translator
96910The Wild DuckThe Torch Theatre31st October 1947Translator
96463GhostsDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)10th May 1938Translator
96312The Wild DuckWestminster Theatre3rd November 1936Translator
95927The Warriors of HelgelandBirmingham Repertory Theatre18th October 1930Translator
95921RosmersholmFestival Theatre3rd June 1930Translator
76563A Doll's HouseAbbey Theatre12th March 1929Translator
83787The Vikings at HelgelandThe Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)20th March 1928Translator
77110A Doll's HouseBirmingham Repertory Theatre19th November 1927Translator
83394An Enemy of the PeopleBirmingham Repertory Theatre6th November 1926Translator
83384RosmersholmKingsway Theatre30th September 1926Adaptation
83341GhostsEveryman Theatre13th October 1925Translator
83340RosmersholmBirmingham Repertory Theatre10th October 1925Translator
76561A Doll's HouseAbbey Theatre28th September 1925Translator
77268A Doll's HouseAbbey Theatre18th December 1923Translator
76560A Doll's HouseAbbey Theatre22nd March 1923Translator
83200GhostsBirmingham Repertory Theatre20th February 1922Translator
82878An Enemy of the PeopleJackson Gymnasium, Tufts College15th March 1913Translator
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