Event La commedia dell’amore
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DescriptionTour: / 8-10 May 1905: Teatro Fossati, Milan / 9 November 1905: Teatro dei Fiorentini, Naples / 9 March 1906: Teatro Niccolini, Florence / 23 May 1906 (date not confirmed): Venice
VenueTeatro Fossati, Milan, Italy
First Date8th May 1905
Opening Night8th May 1905
Last Date10th May 1905
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
449530Bonivento, Gilda V.Gilda V. Bonivento (Gilda V. Bonivento)379ActorMrs. Halm
449541Bonivento, NerinaNerina Bonivento (Nerina Bonivento)379ActorA guest
449541Bonivento, NerinaNerina Bonivento (Nerina Bonivento)379ActorA girlA young girl
449538Bonivento, S.S. Bonivento (S. Bonivento)379ActorA student
442962Borelli, NapoleoneNapoleone Borelli (Napoleone Borelli)379ActorStraamand
449531Borelli de Sanctis, AldaAlda Borelli de Sanctis (Alda Borelli de Sanctis)379ActorSvanhild
441253Casilini, A.A. Casilini (A. Casilini)379ActorMrs. Straamand
449532Rossi, De, D.D. De Rossi (D. De Rossi)379ActorAnna
441257Sanctis, De, AlfredoAlfredo De Sanctis (Alfredo De Sanctis)379ActorFalk
449540Farulli, A.A. Farulli (A. Farulli)379ActorAunts
449534Farulli, U.U. Farulli (U. Farulli)379ActorGuldstad
449537Giobbe, P.P. Giobbe (P. Giobbe)379ActorA housekeeper
449536Laderchi, M.M. Laderchi (M. Laderchi)379ActorMiss Skære
449533Pasquali, A.A. Pasquali (A. Pasquali)379ActorLind
449539Regaldi, M.M. Regaldi (M. Regaldi)379ActorA guest
449539Regaldi, M.M. Regaldi (M. Regaldi)379ActorA student
449543Ripamonti, Mrs.Mrs. Ripamonti (Mrs. Ripamonti)379ActorOther roles
449542Roncoroni, Mr.Mr. Roncoroni (Mr. Roncoroni)379ActorOther roles
449535Ruggeri, T.T. Ruggeri (T. Ruggeri)379ActorStyver
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
449529Ottolini, PieroPiero Ottolini (Piero Ottolini)378Translator
Première in a TourYes
Production NationalityItaly
Performance languageItalian
Further InformationSources: / L’Arte Drammatica 13.5.1905, 18.11.1905, 26-1.5.1906 and playbill from Teatro Niccolini.
Event Identifier80445
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