Contributor Alda Borelli
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NotesBetween 1901 and 1915 the actress could have also been referred to as Alda Borelli De Sanctis.
Related ContributorIs Child Of Napoleone Borelli (Actor, Director, Event dates: 1901–1907)
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
80589RosmersholmTeatro Fiorentini15th March 1907Actor
80448La commedia dell’amoreVenice23rd May 1906Actor
80447La commedia dell’amoreTeatro Niccolini9th March 1906Actor
80446La commedia dell’amoreTeatro Fiorentini9th November 1905Actor
80445La commedia dell’amoreTeatro Fossati8th May 1905Actor
79050SpettriTeatro Mercadante10th November 1902Actor
80165Quando noi morti ci destiamoBergamo10th December 1901Actor
80164Quando noi morti ci destiamoTeatro Ristori5th June 1901Actor
80162Quando noi morti ci destiamoTeatro Niccolini22nd January 1901Actor
80161Quando noi morti ci destiamoTeatro Goldoni7th December 1900Actor
80160Quando noi morti ci destiamoModena8th November 1900Actor
80159Quando noi morti ci destiamoTrieste17th October 1900Actor
80158Quando noi morti ci destiamoArena Borghesi6th July 1900Actor
80157Quando noi morti ci destiamoParma9th June 1900Actor
80156Quando noi morti ci destiamoTeatro Manzoni2nd May 1900Actor
80155SpettriTeatro Manzoni20th April 1900Actor
79049SpettriTeatro Manzoni29th October 1899Actor
79048SpettriTeatro Politeama Duca di Genova3rd May 1899Actor
80163Quando noi morti ci destiamoTeatro GaribaldiMay 1900Actor
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