Event Nordische Heerfahrt
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VenueHerzogliches Hof-Theater, Braunschweig, Germany
First Date29th April 1911
Last Date9th June 1911
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
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444557Ament, Mr.Mr. Ament (Mr. Ament)379ActorGunnar's men
444543Brands, Mr.Mr. Brands (Mr. Brands)379ActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
438947de Bruyne, PaulaPaula de Bruyne (Paula de Bruyne)379ActorThorolf
444548Dinkelbach, Mr.Mr. Dinkelbach (Mr. Dinkelbach)379ActorSigurd's men
444544Elsner, HermannHermann Elsner (Hermann Elsner)379ActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
444559Fricke, Mr.Mr. Fricke (Mr. Fricke)379ActorGunnar's men
444537Gaedeke, GeorgGeorg Gaedeke (Georg Gaedeke)379ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
444558Gagelmann, FriedrichFriedrich Gagelmann (Friedrich Gagelmann)379ActorGunnar's men
444540Galvagni, FriedrichFriedrich Galvagni (Friedrich Galvagni)379ActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
438956Gypen, ToniToni Gypen (Toni Gypen)379ActorDagny
444560Herbst, ClaraClara Herbst (Clara Herbst)379ActorTerner by Gunnar
444546Hermann, Mr.Mr. Hermann (Mr. Hermann)379ActorSigurd's men
444547Hermberg, Mr.Mr. Hermberg (Mr. Hermberg)379ActorSigurd's men
444545Honrodt, RichardRichard Honrodt (Richard Honrodt)379ActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
444561Kreutel, Frk.Frk. Kreutel (Frk. Kreutel)379ActorTerner by Gunnar
444554Kruse, WillyWilly Kruse (Willy Kruse)379ActorÖrnulf's men
438937Kunath, EdmundEdmund Kunath (Edmund Kunath)379ActorSigurd the Strong
444551Lilie, Mr.Mr. Lilie (Mr. Lilie)379ActorÖrnulf's men
444542Mölle, Mr.Mr. Mölle (Mr. Mölle)379ActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
438944Oppermann, HeinrichHeinrich Oppermann (Heinrich Oppermann)379ActorJack in Gunnar
443889Paris, CasimirCasimir Paris (Casimir Paris)379ActorGunnar
444556Pottner, OswaldOswald Pottner (Oswald Pottner)379ActorGunnar's men
438939Preuß, AlbertAlbert Preuß (Albert Preuß)379ActorSigurd's men
444539Rusch, -- Rusch (- Rusch)379ActorEgil
444538Scarla, IrmaIrma Scarla (Irma Scarla)379ActorHjördis
444550Schladitz, FelixFelix Schladitz (Felix Schladitz)379ActorÖrnulf's men
438950Schlaeger, FranzFranz Schlaeger (Franz Schlaeger)379ActorKaare the Peasant
439751Schneider, Mr.Mr. Schneider (Mr. Schneider)379ActorSigurd's men
444552Sohn, Mr.Mr. Sohn (Mr. Sohn)379ActorÖrnulf's men
438941Sprotte, BertholdBerthold Sprotte (Berthold Sprotte)379ActorAn old man
444553Stahlhut, HermannHermann Stahlhut (Hermann Stahlhut)379ActorÖrnulf's men
444541Walter, LeopoldLeopold Walter (Leopold Walter)379ActorSon of Örnulf of the Fjords
444555Weidlich, Mr.Mr. Weidlich (Mr. Weidlich)379ActorÖrnulf's men
444549Weygandt, TheoTheo Weygandt (Theo Weygandt)379ActorÖrnulf's men
441851Wulf, Mr.Mr. Wulf (Mr. Wulf)379ActorSigurd's men
442147Adler, LeopoldLeopold Adler (Leopold Adler)375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
434932von Borch, MarieMarie von Borch (Marie von Borch)378Translator
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationPlayed 29 and 30 April 10th May and 9 June 1911
Event Identifier79492
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