Event Die Wildente
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VenueKönigliches Schauspielhaus, Ostra-Allee 27, Dresden, Germany
First Date10th May 1906
Last Date20th March 1908
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
443576Arnold, Ernst,Ernst Arnold379ActorHired servant20/03/1908
440854Bauer, Emil, Emil Bauer379ActorA fat gentleman
443577Carstens, Carl,Carl Carstens379ActorOther gentleman, Haakon Werle's guest(04/06/1907)
437778Diacono, Auguste, Auguste Diacono379ActorMrs. Sörby
429203Fischer, Hanns, Hanns Fischer379ActorHjalmar Ekdal
438654Gasny, Hedwig, Hedwig Gasny379ActorHedvig
429697Gunz, Willy, Willy Gunz379ActorGraaberg
443565Helsing, Richard, Richard Helsing379ActorJensen
442072Huff, Eugen, Eugen Huff379ActorJensen15/12/1906
443567Höhner, Wilhelm, Wilhelm Höhner379ActorA balding gentleman
443579Jaedicke, Carl, Carl Jaedicke379ActorA short-sighted gentleman23/10/1907
441967Mehnert, Lothar, Lothar Mehnert379ActorHaakon Werle
440613Müller, Adolf, Adolf Müller379ActorOld Ekdal
442077Neumann, Paul, Paul Neumann379ActorPettersen
439434Olbrich, Julius,Julius Olbrich379ActorOther gentleman, Haakon Werle's guest
443353René, Maxime, Maxime René379ActorMolvik
442297Salbach, Clara, Clara Salbach379ActorGina Ekdal
437630Stahl, Ludwig, Ludwig Stahl379ActorRelling
443568Taudien, Gustav,Gustav Taudien379ActorHired servant
443580Verden, Alice, Alice Verden379ActorHedvig05/11/1906
442621Walther, Oskar,Oskar Walther379ActorA short-sighted gentleman
443314Wiecke, Paul, Paul Wiecke379ActorGregers Werle
443845Rieck, Emil, Emil Rieck376Designer
443180Lewinger, Ernst, Ernst Lewinger375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
427477Morgenstern, Christian,Christian Morgenstern378Translator
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationPlayed 10, 13, 18, 21, 29 May 2nd, 6th June 5th, 16 November 15th December 1906, 4 June 23 October 30 November 1907 and 20 March 1908 (last show in memory of Ibsen's eighty-year anniversary).
Event Identifier79301
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