Event De Unges Forbund
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VenueChristiania Theater, Bankplassen, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway
First Date27th September 1871
Last Date24th March 1872
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Abelsted, Christian, Christian AbelstedActorBastian Monsen
Asmundsen, Jacob, Jacob AsmundsenActorDr. Fjeldbo
Bjerk, Lauritz, Lauritz BjerkActorHelle
Brun, Hans, Hans BrunActorErik Brattsberg
Brun, Johannes, Johannes BrunActorDaniel Hejre
Bucher, Ole Johan, Ole Johan BucherActorMons Monsen
Døvle, Amalie, Amalie DøvleActorA maidservant at the Chamberlain's household
Evensen, -, - EvensenActorRagna
Isachsen, Andreas, Andreas IsachsenActorAslaksen
Juell, Johanne,Johanne JuellActorSelma
Juell, Mathias, Mathias JuellActorAnders Lundestad
Kristoffersen, -, - KristoffersenActorA servant girl at Mrs. Rundholmen's
Malthe, Lina V.,Lina V. Malthe (Lina V. Malthe)ActorThora
Nielsen, Peter,Peter NielsenActorRingdal
Reimers, Arnoldus, Arnoldus ReimersActorStensgaard
Simonsen, -, - SimonsenActorA waiter
Wolf, Lucie,Lucie WolfActorMrs. Rundholmen
Wolf, Nicolai, Nicolai WolfActorChamberlain Brattsberg
Brun, Michael, Michael BrunAssistant Director
Brun, Michael, Michael BrunDirector
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageDanish, Norwegian
Further Information8 Performances. The very first performance of the play. This was the piece that was performed the most by Christiania Theater. Reviews: Aftenposten by an anonymous reviewer (19 October 1869), Christiania Intelligentssedler by an anonymous reviewer (20 October 1869), Morgenbladet by an anonymous reviewer (20 October 1869), Aftenbladet by Kristian Elster (23 October 1869), Kristianssands Stiftsavis by Kristian Elster (02 November 1869).
Event Identifier77907