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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
77912De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater15th October 1877ActorThora
77911De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater20th September 1876ActorThora
77960Peer GyntChristiania Theater24th February 1876ActorHerd girl
77910De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater2nd September 1875ActorThora
77909De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater10th September 1874ActorThora
77908De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater14th February 1874ActorThora
77907De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater27th September 1871ActorA maidservant at the Chamberlain's household
77906De Unges ForbundChristiania Theater18th October 1869ActorA maidservant at the Chamberlain's household
98555Hærmændene paa HelgelandKristiania Norske Theater21st August 1859ActorDagny
77890Fru Inger til ØsteraadKristiania Norske Theater11th April 1859ActorEline
77885Hærmændene paa HelgelandKristiania Norske Theater24th November 1858ActorDagny
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