Event Kukol'nyj dom (A Doll's House / Кукольный дом)
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DescriptionIn a daring and innovative way, the performance combines elements from two traditions of adapting Ibsen in Russia – the realist one from Stanislavskij, and the anti-realist from Mejerhol'd. The stage is bare and the costumes are difficult to date. Here, time is irrelevant, or rather the questions raised by Ibsen are independent of time. This is further hinted at by the circular stage. The performance raises questions about the repression and emancipation of women in contemporary Russia. Director Vladimir Pakhomov allows himself to intervene into the conflict between Helmer and Nora – Nora is so to speak acquitted, while Helmer and the traditions that he represents are made into the play's antihero. First performance in Lipeck 06.02.1999.
VenueNationaltheatret Torshovteatret, Vogts Gate 64, Oslo, Norway
Umbrella EventIF
First Date4th September 2000
Opening Night6th February 1999
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
    • Festival
428753Dankovceva, DašaDaša Dankovceva379ActorThe Helmers' child
435248Il'in, JuJu Il'in379ActorNils Krogstad
435247Kabanova, L.L. Kabanova379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
435245Kravčenko, V.V. Kravčenko379ActorTorvald Helmer
435250Musina, O.O. Musina379ActorHelene
435246Ovčinnikova, O.O. Ovčinnikova379ActorNora
435249Podrez, E.E. Podrez379ActorAnne Marie
434531Sobolev, VictorVictor Sobolev379ActorDr. Rank
435251Volosin, A.A. Volosin379ActorA porter
435243Porcevskaja, R.R. Porcevskaja387Costume Designer
435242Zolotareva, E.E. Zolotareva387Costume Designer
435252Olenina, E.E. Olenina393Dancer
435244Mabusenko, V.V. Mabusenko376Designer
434535Tvardovskaja, O.O. Tvardovskaja376Designer
432146Pachomov, VladimirVladimir Pachomov375Director
507311Burlakova, L.L. Burlakova380Lighting Designer
507315Maklakova, N.N. Maklakova380Lighting Designer
507312Ostrižnaja, O.O. Ostrižnaja380Lighting Designer
507313Sališčeva, G.G. Sališčeva380Lighting Designer
507314Tambovskaja, O.O. Tambovskaja380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
Tour Première
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76475Kukol'nyj domKukol'nyj dom (A Doll's House / Кукольный дом)12427Nationaltheatret TorshovteatretNationaltheatret Torshovteatret2000-09-04
Production NationalityRussia
Performance languageRussian
Further Informationnt / 974 / / Guest performance at Nationaltheatret`s Ibsen Festival 2000
Event Identifier76475
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