Event Nuran (Nora / نورا)
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DescriptionThe director focuses on the fact that almost no women in the conservative society of Duhok dare to take the initiative to ask for a divorce. Four revisions have been made: Helmer is not only an employee of the bank, but he also runs a business and has become very rich from this. The action takes place on Nora's birthday, and she says that in her new year she will change her life. In addition, Helmer suspects that Nora and Krogstad have a relationship, and Dr. Rank is turned into a comic character by flirting and making jokes with all the women, without them taking him seriously. The director wanted to emphasize Nora's self-determination. He wanted to show that a woman can make her own choices, even in a situation where her husband is rich and has great influence in society. In the final scene, after Nora's forgery is revealed and Nora says she wants to leave, Helmer brings a wad of dollar bills and hands it to her. She accepts the money, but says "Sit down, Thorvald". Then, while telling her husband how she feels treated, she throws the bills at him one by one.
Venueئەکادیمیای هونەرە جوانەکانی دهۆک Duhok Academia Of Fine Arts (Akadimiay Hunerejwanekany Duhok), Zakho Way, Duhok, Iraq
First Date23rd May 2009
Opening Night23rd May 2009
Last Date30th May 2009
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
519886Abdulla, RzgarRzgar Abdulla379ActorA porter
519883Ali, BiyarBiyar Ali379ActorDr. Rank
519880Haji, DlkhazDlkhaz Haji379ActorNora
519884Hamid, WarvinWarvin Hamid379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
519881Mashkhati, AhmadAhmad Mashkhati379ActorTorvald Helmer
519882Taib, SayarSayar Taib379ActorNils Krogstad
519885Walid, IsraaeIsraae Walid379ActorAnne Marie
519877Dewani, NzarNzar Dewani395Conductor
519874Abdulla, SherzadSherzad Abdulla375Director
519876Haji, DlkhazDlkhaz Haji383Dramaturg
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
519878Salman, DjwarDjwar Salman384Producer
519875Abdulla, SherzadSherzad Abdulla378Translator
519850Tahir, TaimorTaimor Tahir378Translator
Production NationalityIraq
Performance languageKurdish
Further InformationSources: Rezan Saleh made An interview with the director of the play for her master study -Ibsen i Iraq.
Event Identifier100040
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