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Name_SORTNameEvent DatesEventsResources
N.V. Het Rotterdamsch Tooneel19176 
N.V. Het Schouwtooneel19223 
N.V. Het Tooneel19083 
N.V. Tooneelvereeniging19162 
Nadderud Teatergruppe 19941 
Nagoya Players1987 - 19902 
Nakama1984 - 19864 
Nanzikambe Theatre200623 
Národní divadlo1921 - 201017 
Národní divadlo v Brně190218 
Nashville Shakespeare Festival20001 
The National Arts Council of Zambia20061 
National Arts Festival20061 
The National Theatre Company of China20061 
Den Nationale Scene1876 - 2019293 
Nationaltheatret1899 - 2020365 
Nazimova Company1908 - 193724 
Nazimova Productions19221 
Nederlandsche Tooneelisten18911 
Nederlandsche Tooneelvereeniging18934 
Nemzeti Színház Kamaraszínháza (A Nemzeti Szinház Kamaraszinháza)1925 - 19307 
Neue Freie Volksbühne (Neue Freie Volksbühne (Neues Volkstheater))19101 
Neue Werkbühne Munich20108 
Neues Theater19102 
Neues Theater Berlin (Neues Theater in Berlin (Gastspiel))18972 
The New Century Theatre18971 
New European Theatre International Festival20041 
New Horizon Theatre Company20065 
New Lyceum Theatre   
New Repertory Theatre20111 
New South Wales Government1976 - 19892 
The New Stage Club19051 
New Stage Repertory Company1983 - 19841 
New Tsukiji Troupe (New Tsukiji Troupe / Chuo Theatre)1934 - 19383 
New York Shakespeare Festival1969 - 19753 
The Newcastle and Gateshead Clarion Dramatic Society1922 - 19284 
The Next Theatre Company20012 
Ng'ombe PTA School Dance Troupe20101 
Nhà hát tuổ;i trẻ (Nhà hát tuổi trẻ)2006 - 20102 
NIDA1961 - 19968 
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