Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Wenn wir Toten erwachen2nd December 1921LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente19th August 1907LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente16th November 1908LessingtheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen1st March 1909LessingtheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen30th August 1909LessingtheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen6th January 1911LessingtheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen19th April 1912LessingtheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen6th September 1912LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente25th August 1909LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente7th March 1911LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente22nd March 1912LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente19th September 1906LessingtheaterGermany 
Die Wildente1st May 1898LessingtheaterGermany 
The Wild Duck30th April 2009Load of FunUnited States 
Wenn wir Todten erwachen29th January 1900Lobe-TheaterPoland 
Die Wildente17th May 1898Lobe-TheaterPoland 
The Wild Duck22nd November 1996Loeb Drama CenterUnited States 
The Wild Duck23rd March 1928London School of Economics Dramatic SocietyEngland 
The Wild Duck8th January 1911Longacre Theatre (Little Studio)United States 
De Wilde Eend28th February 2008LUXNetherlands 
What about Nora?18th January 2017Luzerner TheaterSwitzerland 
The Wild Duck11th January 1967Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken3rd June 1910Lyceum TheatreEngland 
The Wild Duck30th May 1913Lyceum TheatreEngland 
The Wild Duck26th September 1965Lydia Mendelssohn TheatreUnited States 
The Wild Duck10th February 1972Lyric TheatreNorthern Ireland 
The Wild Duck1st October 1980Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland 
The Wild Duck10th July 1992Maddermarket TheatreEngland 
The Wild Duck22nd November 1968Maddermarket TheatreEngland 
Дивља Патка/Дивата Патка (Divlja Patka/Divata Patka)16th April 1935Makedonski Naroden Teatar (Macedonian National Theatre)Macedonia 
When We Dead Awaken20th January 1994Man in the Moon TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken18th April 1966Masque TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck24th January 1964Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)United States 
Die Wildente7th January 1999Maxim Gorki TheaterGermany 
The Wild Duck12th March 1907McVicker’s TheaterUnited States 
Die Wildente30th May 2008Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater SchwerinGermany4
The Wild Duck - by Simon Stone with Chris Ryan after Henrik Ibsen17th February 2012Merlyn Theatre (Malthouse Theatre)Australia 
The Wild Duck15th July 2006Metro Ball TheatreEgypt 
Die Wildente24th March 1905Midland Hotel TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House: Wild Rose4th April 2019Motel TheatreCanada 
The Wild Duck - by Simon Stone with Chris Ryan after Henrik Ibsen2nd June 2013Muziekgebouw aan 't IJNetherlands 
Wildente25th May 1932Münchner KammerspieleGermany 
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