Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Baumeister Solneß25th October 1913Großherzogliches Hof- und National-TheaterGermany 
Bygmester Solness29th January 1961Mjølner SamfunnshusNorway 
Brand11th May 1971AltaNorway 
Brand1st February 2018Brevik kirkeNorway 
Baumeister Solness18th January 2003Stadthalle Bad SaulgauGermany 
Brand - Dramatisk Digt i 5 Akter (8 Tableauer)November 1895BergenNorway 
Bunohansh27th October 2009Nat-Mandal, University of DhakaBangladesh 
Byggmester Solness2nd May 2003Nøtterøy KulturhusNorway 
Brand13th February 1971NannestadNorway 
Brand2nd April 1942NationaltheatretNorway 
Der Bund der Jugend20th February 1913LessingtheaterGermany 
Brand11th October 1906Næstved TeaterDenmark 
Budowniczy Solness2nd October 1907Teatr MiejskiUkraine 
Byggmästare Solness29th September 1936SträngnäsSweden 
Brand21st September 1995Cowshed TheatreAustralia 
Banooye Daryaee - Keshti e Sheytan (The Devil's Ship)10th December 2009LTG AuditoriumIndia 
Brand24th September 1928Stadttheater BernSwitzerland 
Bouwmeester Solness19th March 2012Koninklijke SchouwburgNetherlands 
Brand9th March 1971OddaNorway 
Brand1st May 1971NesnaNorway 
Bygmester Solness12th November 1907Fredericia TeaterDenmark 
Baumeister Solness17th February 2003OltenSwitzerland 
blahblahblahBANG (a pistol fit in one act) - based on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen13th December 2007The Behnke Center for Contemporary PerformanceUnited States 
Brand27th August 1998NationaltheatretNorway 
Brand22nd December 1922Národní divadloCzech Republic 
Byggmästare Solness15th October 1936YstadSweden 
Breaking The Pot5th July 2006St. Andrew's College HallSouth Africa 
Byggmästare Solness17th March 1991RådhusteatretNorway 
Brand19th February 1915RussiaRussia 
Beauty to Hell21st June 2005Silpakorn University, Thrupkaew campusThailand 
Brand19th February 1905KomediehusetNorway 
Brand28th April 1910Königliches SchauspielhausGermany 
Beifanglaidewuai - Yingzaod24th May 2013The Performing Arts Center, Taipei National University of ArtsTaiwan 
Brand15th October 1993Schauspielhaus BochumGermany 
Brand10th November 1912Royal Court TheatreEngland 
Brand (4. akt)21st November 1871Upsala TeaterSweden 
Baumeister Solness16th March 2001Theater am StadtgartenSwitzerland 
Der Bund der Jugend1st September 1915Thalia-TheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solneß12th February 1893Carola-TheaterGermany 
Bygmester Solness8th February 1961Samfunnshuset SteinkjerNorway 
Brand7th February 1975Teatro GobettiItaly 
Byggmester Solness5th March 2003Modum KulturhusetNorway