Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Little Eyolf1st January 2016Almeida TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf10th March 1895St. PetersburgRussia 
The Lady from the Sea16th March 1950East Balcony Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Lille Eyolf25th October 2006KorsavadshallenSweden 
爱的喜剧 (Love's Comedy) (Aide Xiju)14th April 2017Beijing Jukongjian TheatreChina 
Lille Eyolf18th February 1999Rogaland Teater (Hovedscenen)Norway 
The Lady from the Sea18th March 2004Telus Studio Theatre, Chan Centre for the Performing ArtsCanada 
Lille Eyolf22nd September 1991KristiansandNorway 
Lille Eyolf3rd April 2014Ørsta KulturhusNorway 
The Lady from the Sea9th January 2013The Courtyard TheatreEngland 
Ljal'kovyj dim (Nora)1st October 2004Tsjernigivs'kij molodizjnij teatr VistaviUkraine 
Lille Eyolf20th April 2006HarmonienDenmark 
Little Eyolf24th April 2008Pantagleize TheatreUnited States 
The Lady from the SeaMay 1903SevastopolRussia 
The Lady from the Sea5th May 1924Oxford PlayhouseEngland 
Lady Inger22nd October 2013Barons Court TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf15th October 1991TynsetNorway 
Lille Eyolf17th June 1895Odense TheaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf28th February 1895Teatret i HammerfestNorway 
The Lady From the Sea20th February 1947West Balcony Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Lille Eyolf8th June 1895Viborg TeaterDenmark 
Claudia Legare14th April 1978Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States 
The Liar - Part III of the Peer Gynt Project / Løgneren - frit efter Peer Gynt21st September 2006Ritz TheaterUnited States 
Little Eyolf24th October 2003Hart House TheatreCanada 
The Lady from the Sea21st February 1937The Playbox Theatre, Pasadena PlayhouseUnited States 
Lille Eyolf20th November 1991GolNorway 
Lille Eyolf7th June 1895Aalborg TeaterDenmark 
Little Eyolf19th July 1982BBC 2England 
海上夫人舞蹈片段 Lady from the Sea (Haishang Furen Wudao Pianduan)23rd April 2011Tian Qiao TheatreChina 
Lille Eyolf20th October 2006KatedralskolanSweden 
Lille Eyolf14th April 2018Kulturfabrikken SortlandNorway 
Lille Eyolf30th May 2006Nordens HusFaroe Islands 
海上夫人(Lady from the Sea) (Haishang Furen)23rd September 2017Nanjing Poly Grand Theatre (Nanjing Baoli Dajuyuan)China 
The Lady from the Sea18th March 1928Arts TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf14th September 2002StribergSweden 
The Lady from the Sea17th March 1934People's TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf28th October 1991AskimNorway 
Lille Eyolf12th June 1895Theatret i ArendalNorway 
Little Eyolf10th September 1992Target Margin TheaterUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea22nd February 2011Jane B. Cook Theatre, FSU Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea12th October 1979Westside Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Lille Eyolf26th September 2006Förslöv skolaSweden 
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