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Little Eyolf11th June 1991The Bird's Nest TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf19th March 2013Christiania TeaterNorway 
Lille Eyolf25th October 2006KorsavadshallenSweden 
爱的喜剧 (Love's Comedy) (Aide Xiju)7th April 2017Jinjiang Theater Center (晋江戏剧中心)China 
Lille Eyolf8th October 1991MosjøenNorway 
The Lady from the Sea18th March 2004Telus Studio Theatre, Chan Centre for the Performing ArtsCanada 
Love’s Comedy14th November 2012The Orange Tree TheatreEngland 
The lady from the sea6th July 1980Focus TheatreIreland 
Little Eyolf24th April 2008Pantagleize TheatreUnited States 
The Lady from the Sea13th February 2019The Print RoomEngland 
Little Eyolf19th January 1984Actor's Outlet TheatreUnited States 
Lady Inger22nd October 2013Barons Court TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf19th June 1895Næstved TeaterDenmark 
Lille Eyolf16th September 2001NRK P2 (Norge)Norway 
Lille Eyolf8th April 2014Rauma kulturhusNorway 
The Lady from the Sea8th August 1945Dublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)Ireland 
Lille Eyolf25th September 1991TonstadNorway 
La dama del mar1972ArgentinaArgentina 
Lille Eyolf21st April 2006Fredericia TeaterDenmark 
The Lady from the Sea19th October 1962Northwestern University TheatreUnited States 
海上夫人(Lady from the Sea) (Haishang Furen)2nd December 2017Ningbo Cultural Plaza Poly Grand TheatreChina 
The Lady from the Sea2nd February 1925Lyric TheatreEngland 
Lille Eyolf12th November 2006TonhallenSweden 
Légvár (Castelul de iluzii)17th May 2008Teatrul de Nord Satu MareRomania 
Lille Eyolf17th October 1991LillehammerNorway 
The Lady from the Sea30th September 2005St. Stephen's TheaterUnited States 
Lille Eyolf25th March 2006NRK Bare IbsenNorway 
Little Eyolf10th December 1997The Pit (Barbican Centre)England 
Little Eyolf8th October 2008The Capitol TheatreEngland 
Little Eyolf15th September 1903KhersonUkraine 
Lille Eyolf4th April 2006Ny RidehusDenmark 
[Lille Eyolf] (japansk)7th August 1992Jels HallJapan 
The Lady from the Sea21st April 1932Technical School AuditoriumCanada 
L'ennemi du peuple18th February 1899Théâtre de la RenaissanceFrance 
Little Eyolf21st June 1968Laurie Theater ved Brandeis UniversityUnited States 
海上夫人 (The Lady From The Sea) (Hai shang furen)5th October 2010Hangzhou Zhejiang Province Concert HallChina 
بانوی دریایی (The Lady from the Sea)23rd December 2013Senoghte TheaterIran 
Little Eyolf7th February 1985Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland 
Lille Eyolf26th September 2006Förslöv skolaSweden 
Lille Eyolf26th April 2018Nøtterøy KulturhusNorway 
The Lady from the Sea25th July 1991Riverside StudiosEngland 
Little Eyolf6th November 2002Leggett Theatre, Peace College TheatreUnited States 
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