Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Hedda Gabler14th March 2022Rauma kulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler15th March 2022BjørnsonhusetNorway1
Hedda Gabler17th March 2022The Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC)United States 
Hedda Gabler17th March 2022Kimen kulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler18th March 2022Narodno pozorište Sarajevo (Sarajevo National Theater)Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Hedda Gabler18th March 2022Melhus rådhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler20th March 2022Aulaen i VerdalNorway1
Hedda Gabler25th March 2022Otta kulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler26th March 2022MaihaugsalenNorway1
Hedda Gabler27th March 2022Hamar KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler28th March 2022RådhusteatretNorway1
Hedda Gabler30th March 2022Gjøvik Kino og SceneNorway1
Hedda Gabler31st March 2022Kulturhuset FagernesNorway1
Hedda Gabler1st April 2022Ål kulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler2nd April 2022Modum KulturhusetNorway1
Hedda Gabler3rd April 2022Drammens TeaterNorway1
Hedda Gabler4th April 2022Ullensaker KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler6th April 2022Kulturhuset Blå GrotteNorway1
Hedda Gabler7th April 2022Askim KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler21st April 2022Hjertnes KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler22nd April 2022Granvin KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler23rd April 2022Gullbring kulturanleggNorway1
Hedda Gabler25th April 2022IbsenhusetNorway1
Hedda Gabler26th April 2022Arendal Kulturhus (Store Torungen)Norway1
Hedda Gabler27th April 2022RisørhusetNorway1
Hedda Gabler28th April 2022Buen KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler29th April 2022Kilden Teater- og KonserthusNorway1
Hedda Gabler3rd May 2022Storemolla, Lofoten KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler4th May 2022Hurtigrutens HusNorway1
Hedda Gabler5th May 2022Teatersalen, Narvik KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler7th May 2022Harstad KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler8th May 2022Finnsnes KulturhusNorway1
Hedda Gabler11th May 2022Riksteatret i NydalenNorway1
Hedda Gabler29th September 2022Theater for the New CityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler5th October 2022Irondale CenterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler20th October 2022The Clifford E. White TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th December 2022Teatre LliureSpain 
A Hedda GablerNovember 2016Pride Arts CenterUnited States 
A Hedda Gabler16th November 2017Wichita State UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler: This is Not a Love Story16th February 2017Northern StageEngland 
Hedda Gabler. Digital versjon.24th April 2020Den Norske Opera & BallettNorway 
Hedda Gabler. ego shooter. von Patrick Wengenroth nach Ibsen18th November 2005Volkstheater WienAustria4