Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Sara3rd February 1993IranIran 
The Scaffolding - Chamber Opera in Two Acts. Music and Libretto by Martin Halpern. Freely based on Henrik Ibsen’s play The Master Builder23rd June 2005Theater for the New CityUnited States 
Scenes from 4th Act of "Brand"18th March 1928Jolson's 59th Street TheatreUnited States 
A Selfish Sacrifice20th January 2005Space Theatre, The Denver Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States4
Severna bajka10th December 2011Madlenianum Opera & TheatreSerbia 
Severnye bogatyri14th January 1892Malyj TeatrRussia 
Shakhi Bhalobasha Kare Kay - Based on Ibsen’s Play Love’s Comedy14th May 2006Experimental Theatre Hall Shilpakala AcademyBangladesh 
Shatrughna - an adaptation of An Enemy of the People15th November 2009Experimental Theatre Hall Shilpakala AcademyBangladesh 
Shengnv Zhijia (The Greatest Event in A Doll's Life / 女之家)7th December 2019McaM (Ming Contemporary Art Museum)China 
Shtëpi kukulle / Nora26th October 2010Fakulteti i Ekonomisë, Universiteti A. XhuvaniAlbania 
Shtëpi kukulle / Nora28th October 2010Pallati i KulturësAlbania 
Shtëpi kukulle / Nora30th October 2010Black Box, Akademia e ArtëveAlbania 
Shtëpi kukulle / Nora6th November 2010Pallati i KulturësAlbania 
Shtëpi kukulle / Nora13th November 2010Teatri MigjeniAlbania 
Si prega di non discutere di casa di bambola7th October 1999InterzonaItaly1
Si prega di non discutere di casa di bambola28th March 2000Festival Via. MaubeugeFrance 
Si prega di non discutere di casa di bambola1st June 2000Festival Segnale RossoItaly 
Si prega di non discutere di casa di bambola28th June 2000Festival EurokazCroatia 
Si prega di non discutere di casa di bambola29th September 2001Le vie dei FestivalItaly 
Si prega di non discutere di casa di bambola25th May 2002Teatro FabbriconeItaly 
Sins of the Father6th December 1911United StatesUnited States 
Sjøen4th September 2010NationaltheatretNorway 
Sjøen30th September 2010Dansens HusNorway 
Sjøen26th May 2011Sandnes KulturhusNorway 
Die Stützen der Gesellschaft (Pillars of Society)1889Stadttheater MilwaukeeUnited States 
Sojuz molodeži (The League of Youth)11th January 1907Malyj TeatrRussia 
Sojuz molodeži (The League of Youth)7th August 1921Теatr RSFSRRussia 
Solnes épitőmester30th November 1905BudapestHungary 
Solnes25th December 2004Theatro Sigchrono AthinasGreece 
Solness építőmester25th June 1924Nemzeti SzínházHungary 
Solness építőmester23rd March 1917SzegedHungary 
Solness épitőmester15th April 1920Madách Kamara SzínházHungary 
Solness építőmester12th April 1921KaposvárHungary 
Solness építőmester5th February 1925Nemzeti SzínházHungary 
Solness építőmester9th September 1925OrosházaHungary 
Solness építőmester12th September 1925SzarvasHungary 
Solness épitőmester23rd September 1925Országos KamaraszínházHungary 
Solness építőmester23rd September 1925MezőtúrHungary 
Solness építőmester3rd October 1925BékéscsabaHungary 
Solness építőmester25th October 1925SzolnokHungary 
Solness építőmester31st October 1925TörökszentmiklósHungary 
Solness építőmester7th November 1925JászberényHungary