Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Peer Gynt6th March 1971FestsalenNorway 
Peer Gynt5th March 1971SamfunnshusetNorway 
Peer Gynt4th March 1971BjørkvangNorway 
Peer Gynt3rd March 1971Tingvoll GymnasNorway 
Peer Gynt17th February 1971RådhusetNorway 
Peer Gynt16th February 1971Folkets HusNorway 
Peer Gynt15th February 1971Toten FolkehøgskoleNorway 
Peer Gynt13th February 1971Gjøvik KinoenNorway 
Peer Gynt13th February 1971Habima - National Theatre of IsraelIsrael 
Peer Gynt12th February 1971Kinoen LillehammerNorway 
Peer Gynt11th February 1971TingvangNorway 
Peer Gynt10th February 1971Geilo SamfunnshusNorway 
Peer Gynt9th February 1971Gol samfunnshusNorway 
Peer Gynt8th February 1971SamfunnshusetNorway 
Peer Gynt7th February 1971FolkvangNorway 
Peer Gynt5th February 1971SamfunnshusetNorway 
Peer Gynt4th February 1971KinoenNorway 
Peer Gynt3rd February 1971RaulandshusetNorway 
Peer Gynt2nd February 1971Ytre Vinje SamfunnshusNorway 
Peer Gynt1st February 1971SamfunnshusetNorway 
Peer Gynt31st January 1971Granvin KulturhusNorway 
Peer Gynt29th January 1971Telemark gymnasNorway 
Peer Gynt28th January 1971RådhusetNorway 
Peer Gynt27th January 1971TeatretNorway 
Peer Gynt18th November 1970University Theatre at UGAUnited States of America 
Peer Gynt30th September 1970Theater am DomhofGermany 
Peer Gynt29th September 1970SkjoldNorway 
Peer Gynt28th September 1970BogenNorway 
Peer Gynt27th September 1970EvenskjerNorway 
Peer Gynt25th September 1970SortlandNorway 
Peer Gynt24th September 1970HarstadNorway 
Peer Gynt23rd September 1970Sætermoen (Saetermoen)Norway 
Peer Gynt22nd September 1970StorsteinnesNorway 
Peer Gynt21st September 1970TromsøNorway 
Peer Gynt18th September 1970ØksfjordNorway 
Peer Gynt17th September 1970Teatret i HammerfestNorway 
Peer Gynt16th September 1970HavøysundNorway 
Peer Gynt15th September 1970HonningsvågNorway 
Peer Gynt14th September 1970KjøllefjordNorway 
Peer Gynt12th September 1970BåtsfjordNorway 
Peer Gynt11th September 1970BerlevågNorway 
Peer Gynt10th September 1970Bonakas samfunnshusNorway