Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
The Master Builder22nd October 1975Soho Repertory Theatre (Soho Rep)United States of America 
The Master Builder30th November 1894Gentlemen's Concert HallEngland 
The Master Builder13th October 1973The Long Wharf TheatreUnited States of America 
The Master Builder1st May 1972His Majesty’s TheatreScotland 
The Master Builder19th June 1975Pitlochry Festival TheatreScotland 
The Master Builder8th December 1973Berkeley Repertory TheatreUnited States of America 
The Master Builder19th June 1979Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder21st October 1972University of MontanaUnited States of America 
Master Builder17th February 1983Tarragon TheatreCanada 
Maison de Poupée20th November 1939Schauspielhaus ZürichSwitzerland 
Maison de Poupée21st November 1939Stadttheater BaselSwitzerland 
Maison de Poupée22nd November 1939Stadttheater LuzernSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée12th October 1993La Rose de VentsFrance 
Maison de poupée19th October 1993SaônoraFrance 
Maison de poupée2nd November 1993Théâtre de BeausobreSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée4th November 1993Salle TheurietFrance 
Maison de poupée16th November 1993Théâtre Jean VilarFrance 
Maison de poupée18th November 1993Théâtre MunicipalFrance 
Maison de poupée22nd November 1993Théâtre MunicipalSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée24th November 1993Théâtre de NeuchâtelSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée26th November 1993L’OctogoneSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée29th November 1993Stadttheater BernSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée30th November 1993Théâtre de VeveySwitzerland 
Maison de poupée2nd December 1993Salle de l’Hotel de VilleSwitzerland 
Maison de poupée4th December 1993Le Poche GenèveSwitzerland 
The Master Builder20th September 1983Roundabout Stage IUnited States of America 
Une Maison de poupées13th October 2009Le Moulin du RocFrance 
Une maison de poupée14th November 2009Grand ThéâtreFrance 
Une maison de poupée6th February 2010Théâtre National de BretagneFrance 
Une maison de poupée22nd February 2010La Comédie de ReimsFrance 
Une maison de poupée10th March 2010Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Salle transformableFrance 
Une maison de poupée10th January 2012Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers, Salle transformableFrance 
Une maison de poupée8th February 2012Schauspielhaus ZürichSwitzerland 
A Master Builder11th November 2013United StatesUnited States of America 
Máttarstólpar Þjóðfélagsins (Pillars of Society)26th December 1978ÞjóðleikhúsiðIceland 
The Master Builder31st January 1985Belgrade TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder4th January 1986Court TheatreUnited States of America 
The Master Builder10th November 1986The Promenade TheatreUnited States of America 
Master Builder (Master Builder / 大建築師)2001Hong KongHong Kong 
The Master Builder2nd June 1997Princess TheatreAustralia 
The Master Builder7th August 2004Montrose Town CentreAustralia 
The Master Builder22nd July 2004Mechanics Institute Performing Arts CentreAustralia 
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