Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Doll's House1st February 1994New End TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House9th February 1994Warwick Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House16th February 1994Grand TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House22nd February 1994Buxton Opera HouseEngland 
A Doll's House1st March 1994Theatre RoyalEngland 
A Doll's House8th March 1994Connaught TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House14th March 1994Poole Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House2nd June 1994Minerva TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House2nd September 1994Theatre 3Australia 
A Doll's House10th December 1994EnglandEngland1
A Doll's House31st May 1995Baxter StudioSouth Africa 
A Doll's House5th September 1995The Pearl Theatre CompanyUnited States of America 
A Doll's House11th October 1995A Noise WithinUnited States of America 
A Doll's House19th February 1996Young Vic StudioEngland 
A Doll's HouseOctober 1996DublinIreland 
A Doll's House11th October 1996Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States of America 
A Doll's House11th October 1996Birmingham Repertory TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House5th November 1996The Playhouse TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House22nd November 1996Shatin Town HallHong Kong 
A Doll's House13th February 1997Schroeder AuditoriumUnited States of America 
A Doll's House25th March 1997Belasco TheatreUnited States of America1
A Doll's House30th September 1997The Questors StudioEngland 
A Doll's House6th December 1997Seattle Repertory TheatreUnited States of America 
A Doll's House23rd April 1998Fairfax StudioAustralia 
A Doll's House26th October 1998Nat-Mandal, University of DhakaBangladesh 
A Doll's House30th October 1998Concordia University TheatreUnited States of America 
A Doll's House2nd December 1998Trilogy TheatreUnited States of America 
A Doll's House14th April 1999Poole Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House15th April 1999The Experimental TheatreUnited States of America 
A Doll's House20th April 1999Guildhall Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House22nd April 1999Harlow PlayhouseEngland 
A Doll's House22nd April 1999Woodburn Hall, Black Hills State UniversityUnited States of America 
A Doll's House23rd April 1999Brewery Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House26th April 1999Queen's Hall Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House27th April 1999The Dukes PlayhouseEngland 
A Doll's House28th April 1999Palace TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House29th April 1999Marlborough CollegeEngland 
A Doll's House30th April 1999Bryanston Arts CentreEngland 
A Doll's House5th May 1999Northcott TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House17th May 1999Guildhall TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House18th May 1999Stahl TheatreEngland 
A Doll's House21st May 1999Theatr GwyneddWales