Event Peer Gynt
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VenueColumbia College Chicago Theatre Center, 72 E 11Th St, Chicago, United States
First Date8th February 2017
Opening Night8th February 2017
Last Date18th February 2017
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Barlowe, DylanDylan BarloweActorPeer GyntOlder Peer Gynt
Bruce, WillWill BruceActorA Troll
Bruce, WillWill BruceActorBro 3
Bruce, WillWill BruceActorApe a.o.
Bruce, WillWill BruceActorA boyBoy 2
Caldwell, ErikaErika CaldwellActorInterviewer
Caldwell, ErikaErika CaldwellActorA girlGirl 4 a.o.
Campanaro, TimTim CampanaroActorA boyBoy 3
Campanaro, TimTim CampanaroActorA Troll
Campanaro, TimTim CampanaroActorBro 3
Campanaro, TimTim CampanaroActorApe a.o.
Cornwell, JordanJordan CornwellActorA boyBig Boy
Cornwell, JordanJordan CornwellActorWall
Cornwell, JordanJordan CornwellActorBro 5 a.o.
Cornwell, JordanJordan CornwellActorA boyBoy 5
Fortune, AlexAlex FortuneActorA ButtonmoulderButtonman
Fortune, AlexAlex FortuneActorMusician
Fortune, AlexAlex FortuneActorThe Strange Passenger
Frisancho, LucíaLucía FrisanchoActorHerd girlMountain girl 3 a.o.
Griffith, TaylorTaylor GriffithActorSolveig
Imel, TaylorTaylor ImelActorA girlGirl 1
Imel, TaylorTaylor ImelActorHerd girlMountain girl 1 a.o.
Johnson, JacobJacob JohnsonActorPeer GyntPeer at 20
Karp, IsabelIsabel KarpActorKari
Lasley, SelenaSelena LasleyActorHelga
Lewis, AddisonAddison LewisActorMother Aase
Lowe, AndrewAndrew LoweActorMads Moen's fathera.o.
Martinez, DanielaDaniela MartinezActorMusician
Martinez, DanielaDaniela MartinezActorInterviewer's crew a.o.
Nelson, BrandonBrandon NelsonActorBest man
Nelson, BrandonBrandon NelsonActorA boyBoy 4
Nelson, BrandonBrandon NelsonActorBro 4
Nelson, BrandonBrandon NelsonActorA Trolla.o.
O'Connor, DeclanDeclan O'ConnorActorMads Moen
Phinney, SeanSean PhinneyActorA boyBoy 1
Phinney, SeanSean PhinneyActorMusician
Phinney, SeanSean PhinneyActorA Troll
Phinney, SeanSean PhinneyActorBro 1
Phinney, SeanSean PhinneyActorApe a.o.
Savransky, ZoeZoe SavranskyActorIngrid
Savransky, ZoeZoe SavranskyActorWoman in green
Savransky, ZoeZoe SavranskyActorAnitra
Stone, Brandon JamesBrandon James StoneActorAslak
Stone, Brandon JamesBrandon James StoneActorThin Man
Thompson, AbbyAbby ThompsonActorA girlGirl 2
Thompson, AbbyAbby ThompsonActorHerd girlMountain girl 2
Todd, DylanDylan ToddActorThe Troll KingKing Bastard
Todd, DylanDylan ToddActorThe farmer at Hegstad
Sutherland, Logan vanLogan van SutherlandActorThe Newcomera.o.
Sutherland, Logan vanLogan van SutherlandActorA Priest
Younger, EmmaEmma YoungerActorA girlGirl 5
Younger, EmmaEmma YoungerActorThe stewardStewardess a.o.
Teevan, ColinColin TeevanAdaptation
Ginsberg, JeffJeff GinsbergAssistant Director
Porter, MattMatt PorterComposer
Vignisson, RobRob VignissonComposer
Maggio, FrancesFrances MaggioCostume Designer
Rolfs, KevinKevin RolfsDesigner
Ginsberg, JeffJeff GinsbergDirector
Gilbert, HeatherHeather GilbertLighting Designer
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Vignisson, RobRob VignissonSound Designer
Rolfs, KevinKevin RolfsVideo
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationVenue: Studio 404 of the Columbia College Chicago Theatre Center, located at 72 E. 11th St., in Chicago’s South Loop. 9 performances. Ginsberg has reset the story’s action from rural Norway to the town of Stoughton, Wisconsin, and updated the action to 1987-2017. “My idea was to set [the story] in one of the small towns on the Wisconsin/Illinois border that still has a large population whose roots are in Norway. Whose landscape seems to me the landscape of the farming community . . . in Scandinavia where Peer fantasizes and dreams. . . . A land of huge roughhewn wooden trolls standing outside of diners and gas-stations. The kitsch of Norwegian gingerbread architecture that is at once stultifying and precious,” Ginsberg says. (https://blogs.colum.edu/theatre/2017/02/05/columbia-college-chicago-theatre-department-presents-vital-raucous-version-of-ibsens-classic-peer-gynt-feb-8-18/)
Event Identifier96845