Event JDX - a public enemy
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DescriptionTour opening in Antwerp, Belgium. Tour: 19 - 22 March 2014 (4 performances): Monty, Antwerp. 26 and 27 March 2014: STUK / ism 30CC, Leuven. 29 March 2014: Cultuurcentrum De Schakel, Waregem. 31 March 2014: Cultuurcentrum De Bogaard / Schouwburg, Sint-Truiden. 2 and 3 April 2014: nOna ism Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Mechelen. 4 April 2014: De Werf / ism CC Brugge, Bruges. 5 April 2014: Theater Malpertuis, Tielt. 9 - 12 April 2014 (4 p.): de Brakke Grond / ism Frascati, Amsterdam. 23, 24 and 25 April 2014: Kaaitheater, Brussels. 29 April 2014: Cultuurcentrum Maasmechelen, Maasmechelen. 30 April - 3 May 2014 (4 p.): Vooruit / in Minard, Gent. 9 and 10 May 2014: Toneelschuur, Haarlem.
VenueCultureel Centrum De Bogaard, Capucienessenstraat 8, Sint-Truiden, Belgium
First Date31st March 2014
Opening Night19th March 2014
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
Natali BroodsActor
Jolente De KeersmaekerActor
Sara De RooActor
Damiaan De SchrijverActor
Tine EmbrechtsActor
Annette KouwenhovenActor
Stijn Van OpstalActor
Frank VercruyssenActor
Mieke VerdinActor
Jolente De KeersmaekerAssistant Director
Sara De RooAssistant Director
Damiaan De SchrijverAssistant Director
Frank VercruyssenAssistant Director
Jolente De KeersmaekerDirector
Sara De RooDirector
Damiaan De SchrijverDirector
Frank VercruyssenDirector
Thomas WalgraveLighting Designer
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
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Production NationalityBelgium
Performance language
Further InformationProduction celebrating the 25th anniversary of tg Stan. Revival of a production which opened in May 1993 with identical cast. Cast: Jolente De Keersmaeker, Sara De Roo, Damiaan De Schrijver, Frank Vercruyssen and Natali Broods OR Tine Embrechts OR Annette Kouwenhoven OR Stijn Van Opstal OR Mieke Verdin.
Event Identifier94921