Event Peer Gynt
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VenueDavies Symphony Hall, Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, United States
First Date17th January 2013
Last Date19th January 2013
Primary GenreTheatre
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501055Deakins, MarkMark Deakins379ActorA Buttonmoulder
501055Deakins, MarkMark Deakins379ActorA voice in the darkness
501045Harvey, JoélleJoélle Harvey379ActorSolveig
501043Huber, BenBen Huber379ActorPeer Gynt
501052Larsen, Janice, LancasterJanice Lancaster Larsen379ActorIngrid
501046Merlin, JesseJesse Merlin379ActorThin Man
501046Merlin, JesseJesse Merlin379ActorThe Newcomer
501046Merlin, JesseJesse Merlin379ActorSea Captain
501046Merlin, JesseJesse Merlin379ActorThe Troll King
501049Perry, KeithKeith Perry379ActorWedding Guest
501044Portillo, RoseRose Portillo379ActorMother Aase
501053Ruppenkamp, BrianBrian Ruppenkamp379ActorA Lean Person
501053Ruppenkamp, BrianBrian Ruppenkamp379ActorMads Moen
501053Ruppenkamp, BrianBrian Ruppenkamp379ActorA boyA brat
501053Ruppenkamp, BrianBrian Ruppenkamp379ActorTroll courtier
501050Sessler, AlexandraAlexandra Sessler379ActorWedding Guest
501054Southwell, PeabodyPeabody Southwell379ActorWoman in green
501051Terp, Dianne, M.Dianne M. Terp379ActorWedding Guest
427079Grieg, EdvardEdvard Grieg388Composer
501042Holloway, RobinRobin Holloway388Composer
469202Schnittke, AlfredAlfred Schnittke388Composer
501056Thomas, Michael, TilsonMichael Tilson Thomas395Conductor
501040Darrah, JamesJames Darrah376Designer
501040Darrah, JamesJames Darrah375Director
501041Mock, Cameron, JayeCameron Jaye Mock380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationNumber of performances: 3. / Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas / Choral Director: Ragnar Bohlin / In cast: Wedding guests: Keith Perry, Alexandra Sessler, Dianne M. Terp, members of the SFS Chorus / San Francisco Symphony with video, actors, soloists and Chorus along with the SFS.
Event Identifier94713
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