Event John Gabriel Borkman
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VenueVolksbühne Prater, Kastanienallee 7-9, Berlin, Germany
First Date27th October 2011
Opening Night27th October 2011
Last Date19th May 2012
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.nb.no
StillImage: PhotographLink to Resource
StillImage: PhotographLink to Resource
500618-, stefanpaulstefanpaul -379ActorBy and with
500615Balanza Martinez, EduardoEduardo Balanza Martinez379ActorBy and with
500605Besuch, LukasLukas Besuch379ActorBy and with
453573Bustamante, Edwin, Edwin Bustamante379ActorBy and with
453576Ehrenteit,, Nico, Nico Ehrenteit,379ActorBy and with
500607Faber, RobertRobert Faber379ActorBy and with
500608Flagmeier, PaulPaul Flagmeier379ActorBy and with
453911Floen, Fredrik, Fredrik Floen379ActorBy and with
453578Forne, Julia, Julia Forne379ActorBy and with
453582Gwinner, Florian, Florian Gwinner379ActorBy and with
500609Heuperman, MarcelMarcel Heuperman379ActorBy and with
500610Hoffmann, MargaritaMargarita Hoffmann379ActorBy and with
500611Huhn, FranziskaFranziska Huhn379ActorBy and with
453584Kaiser, Sebastian, Sebastian Kaiser379ActorBy and with
500612Kolåas, HaraldHarald Kolåas379ActorBy and with
500613Koulouti, MariaMaria Koulouti379ActorBy and with
500614Kreuser, TimoTimo Kreuser379ActorBy and with
451962Kristiansen, Petter Width, Petter Width Kristiansen379ActorBy and with
500616Meyer, OliviaOlivia Meyer379ActorBy and with
453590Mondtag, Ersan, Ersan Mondtag379ActorBy and with
431797Müller, Ida, Ida Müller379ActorBy and with
453592Myrtidi, Nefeli, Nefeli Myrtidi379ActorBy and with
500617Nilsen-Love, CarlCarl Nilsen-Love379ActorBy and with
453215Opheim, Lea Basch, Lea Basch Opheim379ActorBy and with
453321Peios, Christina, Christina Peios379ActorBy and with
500619Philipps, MarcMarc Philipps379ActorBy and with
453211Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond Reinholdtsen379ActorBy and with
500620Rieger, SilviaSilvia Rieger379ActorBy and with
500621Roudaut, AngelaAngela Roudaut379ActorBy and with
453594Raabe, Julia, Julia Raabe379ActorBy and with
432828Sachße, SusanneSusanne Sachße379ActorBy and with
500623Sauerland, DanaDana Sauerland379ActorBy and with
500622Schulze, HagenHagen Schulze379ActorBy and with
496712Spengler, VolkerVolker Spengler379ActorBy and with
456941Streck, HenningHenning Streck379ActorBy and with
453598Teichmann, Sarah, Sarah Teichmann379ActorBy and with
453355Teigen, Arnt Christian , Arnt Christian Teigen379ActorBy and with
500624Van Tankeren, TilmanTilman Van Tankeren379ActorBy and with
433961Vinge, Vegard,Vegard Vinge379ActorBy and with
500606von Domarus, DierkDierk von Domarus379ActorBy and with
500625Wagemans, SoniaSonia Wagemans379ActorBy and with
500626Wagner, DominikDominik Wagner379ActorBy and with
500627Wenzel, Lisa-TheresLisa-Theres Wenzel379ActorBy and with
500628Zopoth, WojciechWojciech Zopoth379ActorBy and with
453212Aaserud, Martin, Martin Aaserud379ActorBy and with
431797Müller, Ida, Ida Müller389Adaptation
453211Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond Reinholdtsen389Adaptation
433961Vinge, Vegard,Vegard Vinge389Adaptation
453211Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond Reinholdtsen388Composer
431797Müller, Ida, Ida Müller376Designer
433961Vinge, Vegard,Vegard Vinge376Designer
431797Müller, Ida, Ida Müller375Director
453211Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond Reinholdtsen375Director
433961Vinge, Vegard,Vegard Vinge375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationNumber of performances: 28. / Announced as "4. Teil der Ibsen-Saga" (part 4 of the Ibsen saga). Previous Ibsen productions by Vegard Vinge & Ida Müller: A Doll’s House in 2006, Ghosts in 2007, The Wild Duck in 2009, 2010 and 2011. / Reviews: / Ibsen.net by Jens-Morten Hanssen (01 December 2011), http://ibsen.nb.no/id/11208194
Event Identifier94556
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