Event John Gabriel Borkman
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VenueVolksbühne Prater, Kastanienallee 7-9, Berlin, Germany
First Date27th October 2011
Opening Night27th October 2011
Last Date19th May 2012
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
-, stefanpaulstefanpaul -ActorBy and with
Balanza Martinez, EduardoEduardo Balanza MartinezActorBy and with
Besuch, LukasLukas BesuchActorBy and with
Bustamante, Edwin, Edwin BustamanteActorBy and with
Ehrenteit,, Nico, Nico Ehrenteit,ActorBy and with
Faber, RobertRobert FaberActorBy and with
Flagmeier, PaulPaul FlagmeierActorBy and with
Floen, Fredrik, Fredrik FloenActorBy and with
Forne, Julia, Julia ForneActorBy and with
Gwinner, Florian, Florian GwinnerActorBy and with
Heuperman, MarcelMarcel HeupermanActorBy and with
Hoffmann, MargaritaMargarita HoffmannActorBy and with
Huhn, FranziskaFranziska HuhnActorBy and with
Kaiser, Sebastian, Sebastian KaiserActorBy and with
Kolåas, HaraldHarald KolåasActorBy and with
Koulouti, MariaMaria KouloutiActorBy and with
Kreuser, TimoTimo KreuserActorBy and with
Kristiansen, Petter Width, Petter Width KristiansenActorBy and with
Meyer, OliviaOlivia MeyerActorBy and with
Mondtag, Ersan, Ersan MondtagActorBy and with
Müller, Ida, Ida MüllerActorBy and with
Myrtidi, Nefeli, Nefeli MyrtidiActorBy and with
Nilsen-Love, CarlCarl Nilsen-LoveActorBy and with
Opheim, Lea Basch, Lea Basch OpheimActorBy and with
Peios, Christina, Christina PeiosActorBy and with
Philipps, MarcMarc PhilippsActorBy and with
Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond ReinholdtsenActorBy and with
Rieger, SilviaSilvia RiegerActorBy and with
Roudaut, AngelaAngela RoudautActorBy and with
Raabe, Julia, Julia RaabeActorBy and with
Sachße, SusanneSusanne SachßeActorBy and with
Sauerland, DanaDana SauerlandActorBy and with
Schulze, HagenHagen SchulzeActorBy and with
Spengler, VolkerVolker SpenglerActorBy and with
Streck, HenningHenning StreckActorBy and with
Teichmann, Sarah, Sarah TeichmannActorBy and with
Teigen, Arnt Christian , Arnt Christian TeigenActorBy and with
Van Tankeren, TilmanTilman Van TankerenActorBy and with
Vinge, Vegard,Vegard VingeActorBy and with
von Domarus, DierkDierk von DomarusActorBy and with
Wagemans, SoniaSonia WagemansActorBy and with
Wagner, DominikDominik WagnerActorBy and with
Wenzel, Lisa-TheresLisa-Theres WenzelActorBy and with
Zopoth, WojciechWojciech ZopothActorBy and with
Aaserud, Martin, Martin AaserudActorBy and with
Müller, Ida, Ida MüllerAdaptation
Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond ReinholdtsenAdaptation
Vinge, Vegard,Vegard VingeAdaptation
Müller, Ida, Ida MüllerAssistant Director
Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond ReinholdtsenAssistant Director
Vinge, Vegard,Vegard VingeAssistant Director
Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond ReinholdtsenComposer
Müller, Ida, Ida MüllerDesigner
Vinge, Vegard,Vegard VingeDesigner
Müller, Ida, Ida MüllerDirector
Reinholdtsen, Trond, Trond ReinholdtsenDirector
Vinge, Vegard,Vegard VingeDirector
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Production NationalityGermany
Performance language
Further InformationNumber of performances: 28. Announced as "4. Teil der Ibsen-Saga" (part 4 of the Ibsen saga). Previous Ibsen productions by Vegard Vinge & Ida Müller: A Doll’s House in 2006, Ghosts in 2007, The Wild Duck in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Reviews: Ibsen.net by Jens-Morten Hanssen (01 December 2011), http://ibsen.nb.no/id/11208194
Event Identifier94556