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VenueNrk Radio (Norge), Norway, Norway
First Date13th September 1960
Last Date11th October 1960
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
    • Radio Production
  • Web: Ibsen.net
473916Armand , EilifEilif Armand379ActorThe schoolmaster
435068Bernhoft, Finn, Finn Bernhoft379ActorA man
500287Borg, OddOdd Borg379ActorOther roles
436286Brenni, Hilde, Hilde Brenni379ActorOther roles
450879Bø, Bjarne, Bjarne Bø379ActorA clerk
450907Christensen, Per, Per Christensen379ActorA peasant's young son
479121Clausen, Frimann, FalckFrimann Falck Clausen379ActorOther roles
429057Engelsborg, Evy, Evy Engelsborg379ActorA woman
456359Gjersøe, PerPer Gjersøe379ActorThe invisible choir
429623Grepp, Ole,Ole Grepp379ActorBrand
500280Hald, RagnhildRagnhild Hald379ActorBrand's mother
451104Holen, Ragnar, Ragnar Holen379ActorOther roles
450882Isene, Ola,Ola S. Isene (Ola Isene)379ActorThe sexton
451000Kolstad, Lasse, Lasse Kolstad379ActorA man
500281Lange-Nielsen, MetteMette Lange-Nielsen379ActorA woman
479120Maurstad, AlfredAlfred Maurstad379ActorThe mayor
457049Michelsen, RagnhildRagnhild Michelsen379ActorOther roles
434692Nilsen, Ole-Jørgen, Ole-Jørgen Nilsen379ActorOther roles
450906Nordby, Randi, Randi Nordby379ActorOther roles
431997Nordrum, LarsLars Nordrum379ActorEinar
450928Olason, Ragnar, Ragnar Olason379ActorOwner
450642Olram, Gunnar, Gunnar Olram379ActorThe doctor
450933Rogde, Ingolf, Ingolf Rogde379ActorThe dean
499212Rummelhoff, Sigrid, AnitaSigrid Anita Rummelhoff379ActorGerd
500290Rygg, ArneArne Rygg379ActorOther roles
450925Sandø, Toralf, Toralf Sandø379ActorA peasant
459452Schønemann , AudAud Schønemann379ActorA woman
470507Skavlan, MereteMerete Sunderland Skavlan379ActorA woman
434647Strømsted, Liv,Liv Strømsted379ActorAgnes
500289Svendsen, BjørgBjørg Svendsen379ActorOther roles
456677Søder, RolfRolf Søder379ActorA man
433701Thorsen, Liv, Liv Thorsen379ActorOther roles
450924Wicklund, Kåre, Kåre Wicklund379ActorA man
500284Wiik, G.G. Wiik379ActorOther roles
430881Øksnes, Erik, Erik Øksnes379ActorOther roles
500288Aasmundtveit, OlavOlav Aasmundtveit379ActorOther roles
450888Ludt, Finn, Finn Ludt388Composer
477817Thomassen, KnutKnut Thomassen375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
450881Hille, Erling, Erling Hille381Sound Designer
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationPosted in five sections: 13th, 20th and 27th of September, 4th and 11th of October 1960. / Reruns: Part 1, 2 and 3 sent 05.27.1962., Part 4 sent 11.06 and Section 5 sent 06.17.1962. / Share 1 was also rebroadcast 11/03/1971
Event Identifier94495
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