Event Visions of Ibsen’s Hedda and Solness. An Intertextual Performance of Hedda Gabler and The Master Builder. Inspired by Trausti Ólafsson’s book: Ibsen’s Theatre of Ritualistic Visions
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VenueAuraria Theatre, University Of Colorado, Denver, United States
First Date8th April 2012
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Andrews, EmilyEmily AndrewsActorNarrator
Andrews, EmilyEmily AndrewsActorHilde Wangel
Andrews, EmilyEmily AndrewsActorPersephone
Burnsed, TerryTerry BurnsedActorJudge BrackBrack
Burnsed, TerryTerry BurnsedActorHades
Burnsed, TerryTerry BurnsedActorCongregation at Aline Solness’ House in Ambers
Burnsed, TerryTerry BurnsedActorNarrator
Corbett , CoryCory CorbettActorDionysus
Corbett , CoryCory CorbettActorNarrator
Corbett , CoryCory CorbettActorEjlert LövborgLovborg
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraActorCongregation at Aline Solness’ House in Ambers
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraActorThea ElvstedThea
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraActorDemeter
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraActorNarrator
Dortset, TonyTony DortsetActorCeleus
Dortset, TonyTony DortsetActorCongregation at Aline Solness’ House in Ambers
Dortset, TonyTony DortsetActorNarrator
Dortset, TonyTony DortsetActorWomen at the Maiden Well
Dortset, TonyTony DortsetActorDaedalus
Ewing, CraigCraig EwingActorCongregation at Aline Solness’ House in Ambers
Ewing, CraigCraig EwingActorJörgen TesmanTesman
Ewing, CraigCraig EwingActorWomen at the Maiden Well
Ewing, CraigCraig EwingActorIcarus
Ewing, CraigCraig EwingActorNarrator
Hiester, DanDan HiesterActorHalvard SolnessSolness
Hiester, DanDan HiesterActorNarrator
Ulrych, PetraPetra UlrychActorMrs. Hedda TesmanHedda
Ulrych, PetraPetra UlrychActorHecate
Ulrych, PetraPetra UlrychActorNarrator
Wood, JacobJacob WoodActorMetaneira
Wood, JacobJacob WoodActorNarrator
Wood, JacobJacob WoodActorCongregation at Aline Solness’ House in Ambers
Wood, JacobJacob WoodActorWomen at the Maiden Well
Corbett , CoryCory CorbettAdaptation
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraAdaptation
Ólafsson, TraustiTrausti ÓlafssonAdaptation
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraAssistant Director
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraCostume Designer
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraDirector
Corbett , CoryCory CorbettDramaturg
Cuetara, LauraLaura CuetaraDramaturg
Ólafsson, TraustiTrausti ÓlafssonDramaturg
Shearer, RobRob ShearerLighting Designer
Corbett , CoryCory CorbettMusician(yadaki)
Wood, JamesJames WoodMusician(guitar, piano)
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationSet designer: Laura Cuetara and the company. Costumes: Laura Cuetara and the company. Music: James Wood (guitar, piano), Cory Corbett (yadaki), the company (percussions). Dramatic adviser: Laura Cuetara, Trausti Ólafsson, Cory Corbett and the company. Adaptation: Laura Cuetara, Trausti Ólafsson, Cory Corbett and the company.
Event Identifier93839