Event Peer Gynt
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VenueIrving Greenberg Theatre Centre, 1233 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, Canada
First Date10th March 2009
Opening Night10th March 2009
Last Date21st March 2009
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorBegriffenfeldt
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorAuctioneer
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorPasserby
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorTour official
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorMads Moen's father
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorA Troll
Buller, GuyGuy BullerActorMr Cotton
Courval, MélodieMélodie CourvalActorSolveig
Courval, MélodieMélodie CourvalActorA Troll
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorAnitra's chorus
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorA Woman
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorA girl
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorPasserby
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorWarderKeeper
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorIngrid
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorYouth at auction
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorHerd girl
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorThin Man
Filion, CélineCéline FilionActorA Troll
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorA Troll
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorA Buttonmoulder
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorA voice in the darkness
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorMonsieur Ballon
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorA Fence
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorAslak
Hersh, DavidDavid HershActorA Fellah
Hivert, RomualdRomuald HivertActorYoung man at auction
Hivert, RomualdRomuald HivertActorWedding Guest
Hivert, RomualdRomuald HivertActorThe Troll King
Hivert, RomualdRomuald HivertActorAcab
Hivert, RomualdRomuald HivertActorHuhu
Landry, BrentBrent LandryActorMads Moen
Landry, BrentBrent LandryActorA Troll
Landry, BrentBrent LandryActorHerr von Eberkopf
Landry, BrentBrent LandryActorThe Strange Passenger
Lester, Amy J.Amy J. LesterActorA girl
Lester, Amy J.Amy J. LesterActorWedding Guest
Lester, Amy J.Amy J. LesterActorWoman in green
Lester, Amy J.Amy J. LesterActorAnitra's chorus
Lester, Amy J.Amy J. LesterActorA look-out
Lester, Amy J.Amy J. LesterActorYouth at auction
Massingham, AndyAndy MassinghamActorPeer Gynt
Roy, LucieLucie RoyActorWarderKeeper
Roy, LucieLucie RoyActorSea Captain
Roy, LucieLucie RoyActorMother Aase
Roy, LucieLucie RoyActorA Troll
Roy, LucieLucie RoyActorA thief
Savoie, KellyKelly SavoieActorYouth at auction
Savoie, KellyKelly SavoieActorWedding Guest
Savoie, KellyKelly SavoieActorHerd girl
Savoie, KellyKelly SavoieActorA Troll
Savoie, KellyKelly SavoieActorAnitra's chorus
Savoie, KellyKelly SavoieActorThe helmsman
Shilo, AmandaAmanda ShiloActorAnitra
Shilo, AmandaAmanda ShiloActorBoatswain
Shilo, AmandaAmanda ShiloActorWedding Guest
Shilo, AmandaAmanda ShiloActorHerd girl
Shilo, AmandaAmanda ShiloActorA Troll
Shilo, AmandaAmanda ShiloActorKari
Beissel, HenryHenry BeisselAdaptation
Richardson, JamesJames RichardsonAssistant Director
Carpenter, NickNick CarpenterComposer
Waghorn, SarahSarah WaghornCostume Designer
Waghorn, SarahSarah WaghornDesigner
Richardson, JamesJames RichardsonDirector
Miller, RebeccaRebecca MillerLighting Designer
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Carpenter, NickNick CarpenterSound Designer
Production NationalityCanada
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationIn association with The Ottawa School of Speech and Drama. Venue: Studio Theatre at Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre.
Event Identifier92681