Event An Enemy of the People (An Enemy of the People)
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DescriptionTour: / Library tour in Kitsap County, Washington, USA: / 3 Nov. 2006: Bainbridge Library, Bainbridge Island. / 4 Nov. 2006: Manchester Library, Manchester. / 5 Nov. 2006: Kingston Library, Kingston. / 9 Nov. 2006: Sons of Norway Hall, Poulsbo. / 10 Nov. 2006: Downtown Bremerton Library, Bremerton. / 12 Nov. 2006: Bainbridge Performing Arts, Bainbridge Island. / 16 Nov. 2006: Little Boston Library - S´Klallam Tribal Center, Kingston. / 17 Nov. 2006: Poulsbo Library, Poulsbo. / 18 Nov. 2006: Silverdale Library, Silverdale. / 19 Nov. 2006: Port Orchard Library, Port Orchard.
VenuePoulsbo Library, 700 Ne Lincoln Rd, Poulsbo, United States
First Date17th November 2006
Opening Night3rd November 2006
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.nb.no
490990Arnold, DylanDylan Arnold379Actor
490999Bankart, DianeDiane Bankart379Actor
490998Boynton, MarilynMarilyn Boynton379Actor
490997Braden, MaryMary Braden379Actor
490995Dickerson, TracyTracy Dickerson379Actor
490982Goetsch, PaulPaul Goetsch379Actor
490992Gonzalez, JoeJoe Gonzalez379Actor
490987Halliday, AdamAdam Halliday379Actor
490985Kluth, DanielDaniel Kluth379Actor
490991Laws, JeffJeff Laws379Actor
490994Laws, KittKitt Laws379Actor
490984Liljelund, DianaDiana Liljelund379Actor
490993O'Brien, JackieJackie O'Brien379Actor
490996Scribner, SaraSara Scribner379Actor
490989Simpson, PetePete Simpson379Actor
490986Stier, Amelia ThomasAmelia Thomas Stier379Actor
490988Saas, FredFred Saas379Actor
490983Wise, CharlieCharlie Wise379Actor
455853Miller, ArthurArthur Miller389Adaptation
490981Stolee, SteveSteve Stolee375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Première in a TourYes
Tour Première
Events in tour
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18850Manchester Library, 8067 E Main St, Manchester, United States2006-11-0491815
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18851Kingston Library, 11212 NE State Hwy 104, Kingston, United States2006-11-0591816
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18852Sons of Norway Hall, 18891 Front St NE, Poulsbo, United States2006-11-0991817
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18853Downtown Bremerton Library, 612 Fifth Street, Bremerton, United States2006-11-1091818
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18854Bainbridge Performing Arts, 200 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island, United States2006-11-1291819
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18855Little Boston Library - S´Klallam Tribal Center, 31912 Little Boston Rd NE, Kingston, United States2006-11-1691820
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18856Poulsbo Library, 700 NE Lincoln Rd, Poulsbo, United States2006-11-1791821
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18857Silverdale Library, 3450 NW Carlton St, Silverdale, United States2006-11-1891822
Enemy of the People, anAn Enemy of the People18858Port Orchard Library, 87 Sidney Ave, Port Orchard, United States2006-11-1991823
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Event Identifier91821
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