Event Big Fat Liar - part 2 of the PEER GYNT PROJECT
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VenueCarlo Theatre, 131 H St., Blue Lake, United States
First Date22nd June 2006
Opening Night22nd June 2006
Last Date1st July 2006
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.nb.no
480333Braidwood, KateKate Braidwood379ActorHerd girl
480333Braidwood, KateKate Braidwood379ActorIngrid
489565Cesare-Perrone, ManuelManuel Cesare-Perrone379ActorA Troll
489564Dandeneau, CoraCora Dandeneau379ActorA Troll
489551Dandeneau, JacquelineJacqueline Dandeneau379ActorA nun
489551Dandeneau, JacquelineJacqueline Dandeneau379ActorA Troll
489551Dandeneau, JacquelineJacqueline Dandeneau379ActorMother Aase
489563David, AmeliaAmelia David379ActorA Troll
489556Ferney, DavidDavid Ferney379ActorArab
489556Ferney, DavidDavid Ferney379ActorHussein
489556Ferney, DavidDavid Ferney379ActorA Troll
489556Ferney, DavidDavid Ferney379ActorA thief
489556Ferney, DavidDavid Ferney379ActorMads Moen's father
489567Foreman, RonlinRonlin Foreman379ActorBegriffenfeldt
489567Foreman, RonlinRonlin Foreman379ActorA thief
489559Garcia, NickNick Garcia379ActorA SailorShip's crew
489559Garcia, NickNick Garcia379ActorMonkey
489559Garcia, NickNick Garcia379ActorWedding Guest
489554Geary, BarbaraBarbara Geary379ActorThe Newcomer’s wife
489554Geary, BarbaraBarbara Geary379ActorWoman in green
489550Lecuyer, JaeseJaese Lecuyer379ActorPeer Gynt
489562McKinney, ShyanneShyanne McKinney379ActorA Troll
489557Mejia, AdrianAdrian Mejia379ActorA Troll
489557Mejia, AdrianAdrian Mejia379ActorHerd girl
489557Mejia, AdrianAdrian Mejia379ActorHuhu
489557Mejia, AdrianAdrian Mejia379ActorWedding Guest
489555Olsen, TylerTyler Olsen379ActorA Fellah
489555Olsen, TylerTyler Olsen379ActorHerd girl
489555Olsen, TylerTyler Olsen379ActorA TrollTroll baby
489555Olsen, TylerTyler Olsen379ActorMads Moen
489555Olsen, TylerTyler Olsen379ActorFlying pig
489560Salas, JoshJosh Salas379ActorA SailorShip's crew
489560Salas, JoshJosh Salas379ActorMonkey
489560Salas, JoshJosh Salas379ActorWedding Guest
489568Schirle, JoanJoan Schirle379ActorAnitra
489566Sloan, JuliaJulia Sloan379ActorA Troll
489552Sloan, TishaTisha Sloan379ActorSolveig
489553Stein, DanielDaniel Stein379ActorThe Newcomer
489553Stein, DanielDaniel Stein379ActorMerchant
489553Stein, DanielDaniel Stein379ActorThe Troll King
489558Tenerelli, SteveSteve Tenerelli379ActorA Troll
489558Tenerelli, SteveSteve Tenerelli379ActorDim
489558Tenerelli, SteveSteve Tenerelli379ActorWedding Guest
489558Tenerelli, SteveSteve Tenerelli379ActorMilitary merchant
489561Wood, TehyaTehya Wood379ActorA SailorShip's crew
489561Wood, TehyaTehya Wood379ActorMonkey
489561Wood, TehyaTehya Wood379ActorWedding Guest
487021Fields, MichaelMichael Fields389Adaptation
487028Gray, TimothyTimothy Gray388Composer
489569Perrone, Giulio CesareGiulio Cesare Perrone387Costume Designer
489569Perrone, Giulio CesareGiulio Cesare Perrone376Designer
487021Fields, MichaelMichael Fields375Director
487023Stockwell, DanDan Stockwell380Lighting Designer
487027Marrs, BruceBruce Marrs377Mask Maker
487028Gray, TimothyTimothy Gray392MusicianVocals, guitar, percussion
489570Joy, MarlaMarla Joy392MusicianBass, saxophone
489571Randles, TimTim Randles392MusicianKeyboards
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
487028Gray, TimothyTimothy Gray381Sound Designer
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Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationNumber of performances: 7. / Part of the 2006 Mad River Festival. Part 2 of a threepart Peer Gynt project. Part 1 Myth-o-maniac was performed 25 November - 11 December 2005 and part 3 The Liar was performed 7 September - 9 November 2006. / Band: Timothy Gray (vocals, guitar, percussion), Marla Joy (bass, saxophone), Tim Randles (keyboards).
Event Identifier91392
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