Event Peer Gynt
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VenueOperatten Im Statttheater, Bahnhofstrasse 52, Stäfa, Switzerland
First Date7th March 2007
Opening Night7th March 2007
Last Date21st April 2007
Primary GenreTheatre
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488879Bloess, BrigitteBrigitte Bloess379Actor
488874Brun, OliviaOlivia Brun379Actor
488861Büchler, IsabellaIsabella Büchler379Actor
488878Cabrera, BarbaraBarbara Cabrera379Actor
488854Cabrera, YaizaYaiza Cabrera379Actor
488880Inge Cadurisch, Inge CadurischInge Cadurisch379Actor
488852Deola, TobiasTobias Deola379Actor
488851Egli, FelixFelix Egli379Actor
488871Frei, KarenKaren Frei379Actor
488856Günther, SelinaSelina Günther379Actor
488855Hofmann, DanielleDanielle Hofmann379Actor
488877Jemili, YasminYasmin Jemili379Actor
488870Keller, BeaBea Keller379Actor
488867Kläy, RuthRuth Kläy379Actor
488865Kägi, RolfRolf Kägi379Actor
488876Kälin, TanyaTanya Kälin379Actor
488875Müller, SabrinaSabrina Müller379Actor
488839Oswald , KarinKarin Oswald379Actor
488860Pompeo, GiuliaGiulia Pompeo379Actor
488857Rahm, ClaudiaClaudia Rahm379Actor
488858Rashad, SabineSabine Rashad379Actor
488849Reichling, HansHans Reichling379Actor
488881Renggli , MadeleineMadeleine Renggli379Actor
488866Sandoz, RomanRoman Sandoz379Actor
488872Savaskan, LeilaLeila Savaskan379Actor
488862Schafroth, MajaMaja Schafroth379Actor
488868Schafroth, StefanStefan Schafroth379Actor
488859Schiess, CorneliaCornelia Schiess379Actor
488853Schmid, MajaMaja Schmid379Actor
488869Temperli, StefanStefan Temperli379Actor
488873Trachsel, MayaMaya Trachsel379Actor
488863Arb, Marianne, vonMarianne von Arb379Actor
488850Wullschleger, KonstantinKonstantin Wullschleger379Actor
488838Zellweger, JonasJonas Zellweger379Actor
488864Zellweger, MirjamMirjam Zellweger379Actor
488839Oswald , KarinKarin Oswald389Adaptation
427079Grieg, Edvard, HagerupEdvard Grieg (Edvard Hagerup Grieg)388Composer
488837Schneider, LetiziaLetizia Schneider388Composer
488833Wullschleger, TomasTomas Wullschleger388Composer
488838Zellweger, JonasJonas Zellweger388Composer
488835Probst , JohannesJohannes Probst387Costume Designer
488835Probst , JohannesJohannes Probst376Designer
488834Knuth, NicoleNicole Knuth375Director
488833Wullschleger, TomasTomas Wullschleger375Director
488836Meyer , LukasLukas Meyer380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalitySwitzerland
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationNumber of performances: 20. / A three-course meal with salmon as the main course was included in the performance (Theaterküche: Isabella Büchler). / Cast: / Actors, actresses, singers, dancers and cooks: Hans Reichling, Konstantin Wullschleger, Felix Egli, Jonas Zellweger, Tobias Deola, Karin Oswald, Maja Schmid, Yaiza Cabrera, Danielle Hofmann, Selina Günther, Claudia Rahm, Sabine Rashad, Cornelia Schiess, Giulia Pompeo, Isabella Büchler, Maja Schafroth, Marianne von Arb, Mirjam Zellweger, Rolf Kägi, Roman Sandoz, Ruth Kläy, Stefan Schafroth, Stefan Temperli, Bea Keller, Karen Frei, Leila Savaskan, Maya Trachsel, Olivia Brun, Sabrina Müller, Tanya Kälin, Yasmin Jemili, Barbara Cabrera, Brigitte Bloess, Giulia Pompeo, Inge Cadurisch, Isabella Büchler, Madeleine Renggli
Event Identifier91269
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