Event Renmin gongdi shijian (The Affair of "An Enemy of The People / 《人民公敌》事件)
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DescriptionTour: 23 - 25 October 2005: Beijing People´s Art Theatre (Beijing International Symposium on Actor Training with Theatre Showcase).
VenueBlack Box Theatre, Nanjing Art Institute, Nanjing, China
First Date28th September 2005
Opening Night28th September 2005
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.nb.no
486316Cui, TianTian Cui379ActorLiu Xiaole
486318Dayan, HuiHui Dayan379ActorChen Ge
486310Fei, DuanDuan Fei379ActorLi Xiao
486314Jiandong, ShanShan Jiandong379ActorWang Xiao
486319Mengsha, HouHou Mengsha379ActorChen Ge
486315Mingli, YangYang Mingli379ActorLiu Xiaole
486311Shan, ShaoShao Shan379ActorLi Xiao
486313Wenguang, DuDu Wenguang379ActorWang Xiao
486320Xiaojuan, SuSu Xiaojuan379ActorZhao Menger
486321Yingying, JiJi Yingying379ActorZhao Menger
486312Zhen, WangWang Zhen379ActorWu Yun Feng
486317Zhuo, ZhangZhang Zhuo379ActorChen Ge
486332Gengwei, LiLi Gengwei389Adaptation
486333Lili, ZhaoZhao Lili389Adaptation
486331Xiaoping, LvLv Xiaoping389Adaptation
486329Yanzuo, WangWang Yanzuo388Composer
486326Shanshan, JiaJia Shanshan387Costume Designer
486324Kai, ZhangZhang Kai376Designer
486325Lingzhi, LuoLuo Lingzhi376Designer
486323Runing, XuXu Runing376Designer
486322Tai, QianQian Tai375Director
486328Hao, YanYan Hao380Lighting Designer
486327Shaoshan, YinYin Shaoshan380Lighting Designer
486326Shanshan, JiaJia Shanshan377Mask Maker
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
486334Jianqin, FengFeng Jianqin384ProducerExecutive producer
486322Tai, QianQian Tai384ProducerExecutive producer
486335Zeru, TaoTao Zeru384ProducerExecutive producer
486330Chang, LiuLiu Chang381Sound Designer
486314Jiandong, ShanShan Jiandong381Sound Designer
Production NationalityChina
Performance languageChinese
Further InformationThe cast mainly consisted of senior students from Nanjing Arts College. / The Singing Team: class of 2002. / Produced in commemoration of Ibsen´s death. / Despription of the play: / The Affair Of «An Enemy Of The People» adopts the frame of ‘play within a play´. It is about several university students who grew up on the side of Huaihe River. When these university students come back home during their summer vacation, they find out that the Huaihe River is polluted badly and they realize how serious the pollution is in their hometown. They decide to perform Ibsen´s play An Enemy of the People in order to arouse the local people´s consciousness of bringing the pollution under control. At the same time, they barge up against the same situation in An Enemy of the People! Their relatives and friends want to stop them because they all benefit from the local factories. These university students realize that these self-seeking men who cannot see beyond one´s nose not only destroy the environment that people rely on but also erode human spirit. / The whole play portrays a group of optimistic young people in China who are concerned with urgent social problems. The play calls for Chinese people to protect our environment - "human beings have only one Earth"! The performance brings about audience´s sympathy and support. / Transcription and translation: Flora Lu at Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai.
Event Identifier90722
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