Event Peer Gynt
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Venue59 Coppin Street Warehouse, 59 Coppin Street, Richmond, Australia
First Date9th May 2008
Opening Night9th May 2008
Last Date18th May 2008
Primary GenreTheatre
Kate BerryActorEnsemble, musicians
Darius DevasActorEnsemble, musicians
Genevieve FryActorEnsemble, musicians
Chris HewittActorEnsemble, musicians
Reuben LiversidgeActorEnsemble, musicians
Esala LiyanageActorEnsemble, musicians
Fingal OakenleafActorEnsemble, musicians
James OatenActorEnsemble, musicians
Sebastian Peters-LazaroActorEnsemble, musicians
Jesse RasmussenActorEnsemble, musicians
Kristian RasmussenActorEnsemble, musicians
Ramona Ray-GriegActorEnsemble, musicians
Eliyos RuileActorEnsemble, musicians
Caitlin ValentineActorEnsemble, musicians
Caitlin WilliamsActorEnsemble, musicians
Jesse RasmussenAdaptation
Mat Diafos SweeneyAdaptation
Jesse RasmussenAssistant Director
Mat Diafos SweeneyAssistant Director
Jesse RasmussenComposer
Mat Diafos SweeneyComposer
Jesse RasmussenCostume Designer
Caitlin ValentineCostume Designer
Sebastian Peters-LazaroDesigner
Mat Diafos SweeneyDesigner
Jesse RasmussenDirector
Mat Diafos SweeneyDirector
Sebastian Peters-LazaroLighting Designer
Mat Diafos SweeneyLighting Designer
Ramona Ray-GriegMask Maker
Henrik IbsenPlaywright
Sebastian Peters-LazaroProducer
Sebastian Peters-LazaroVideo
Mat Diafos SweeneyVideo
Production NationalityAustralia
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationNumber of performances: 7,
Event Identifier86288