Event Hærmændene paa Helgeland
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VenueTønsberg, Tønsberg, Norway
First Date23rd February 1928
Opening Night12th January 1928
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
455631Bjørnevik, BjørnBjørn Bjørnevik379ActorKaare the Peasant
455632Kleve, ArneArne Kleve379ActorGunnar
455697Njargel, ArntArnt Njargel379ActorThorolf
455180Nygard, LarsLars Nygard379ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
455628Tveito, EinarEinar Tveito379ActorSigurd the Strong
454930Selmer, Liv UchermannLiv Uchermann-Selmer (Liv Uchermann Selmer)379ActorHjördis
455698Wive, MagoMago Wive379ActorDagny
455696Frantzen, SjofnaSjofna Frantzen387Costume Designer
441717Eide, EgilEgil Eide375Director
519139Christiansen, Einar P.Einar P. Christiansen392Musician
519140Fosdahl, FinnFinn Fosdahl392Musician
519138Røed, AgatheAgathe Røed392Musician
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
Tour Première
Other Events in Tour
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83536Hærmændene paa HelgelandHærmændene paa Helgeland15329VinstraVinstra1928-06-10
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationPerformed on tour in 1928, as Ibsen’s 100th birthday was celebrated. / Recorded from the playbill of the production and the sources underneath (when it comes to venues): / • Jarlsberg og Larviks Amtstidende 10., 12. and 13.1.1928. / • Sandefjords blad 11. and 15.1.1928. / • Drammens Tidende 19., 21., 23. and 25.1.1928. / • Hamar Arbeiderblad 13. and 15.2.1928. / • Østerdalens Arbeiderblad 14. and 16.2.1928. / • Fredriksstad Blad 18. and 21.2.1928. / • Vestfold Social-Demokrat 18., 22. and 24.2.1928. / • Lillehammer Tilskuer 8.6.1928. / In the same season the theatre also went on tour with Peer Gynt and Brand.
Event Identifier83535
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