Event Per Gynt
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DescriptionTour: 3 - 15 October 1914 and 20 January 1915: Höganäs. 10 October 1914: Malmö Teater, Malmö. 20 - 29 November 1914 (seven performances): Cirkusteatern, Gothenburg (Göteborg).
VenueHöganäs, Höganäs, Sweden
First Date3rd October 1914
Opening Night20th January 1915
Last Date15th October 1914
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Wahlbom, EmilieEmilie WahlbomDances
Broberg, OlleOlle BrobergActorA boy
Carlsson, Anna-Lisa, Anna-Lisa CarlssonActorSolveig
Carlsson, HildegardHildegard CarlssonActorThe Newcomer’s wife
Carlsson, HildegardHildegard CarlssonActorHerd girl
Carlsson, HildegardHildegard CarlssonActorA Witch
Carlsson, HildegardHildegard CarlssonActorKari
Carlsson, HildegardHildegard CarlssonActorBirds' Cries
Engstam, EricEric EngstamActorMads Moen
Engstam, EricEric EngstamActorHussein
Engstam, EricEric EngstamActorHerr von Eberkopf
Frithiof, Anders, Anders FrithiofActorA Buttonmoulder
Frithiof, Anders, Anders FrithiofActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
Frithiof, Anders, Anders FrithiofActorThe Troll King
Frithiof, Anders, Anders FrithiofActorA voice in the darkness
Frithiof, Anders, Anders FrithiofActorAslak
Hedström, HjalmarHjalmar HedströmActorMads Moen's father
Lindroth, Knut, Knut LindrothActorPeer Gynt
Lundmark, AugustAugust LundmarkActorThe steward
Lundmark, AugustAugust LundmarkActorTroll courtier
Lundmark, AugustAugust LundmarkActorMr Cotton
Lundmark, AugustAugust LundmarkActorBegriffenfeldt
Norin, Ann, SofiAnn Sofi NorinActorA TrollTroll virgin (listed as "second troll witch" in NB)
Norin, Ann, SofiAnn Sofi NorinActorA girl
Norin, Ann, SofiAnn Sofi NorinActorBirds' Cries
Norin, Ann, SofiAnn Sofi NorinActorHerd girl
Norin, Ann, SofiAnn Sofi NorinActorA girlSlave girl
Nyberg, ErikErik NybergActorThin Man(listed as "The Man" in NB - Could be Thin man or a different character)
Pettersson, MabelMabel PetterssonActorA girl
Pettersson, MabelMabel PetterssonActorWoman in green
Pettersson, MabelMabel PetterssonActorA girlSlave girl
Pilo, Folke, Folke PiloActorThe farmer at Hegstad
Pilo, Folke, Folke PiloActorHuhu
Pilo, Folke, Folke PiloActorTroll courtier
Pilo, Folke, Folke PiloActorMonsieur Ballon
Rasmusson, WallyWally RasmussonActorMother Aase
Reyman, Thyra, Thyra ReymanActorAnitra
Reyman, Thyra, Thyra ReymanActorIngrid
Öhrberg, LisaLisa ÖhrbergActorA girlSlave girl
Öhrberg, LisaLisa ÖhrbergActorA Witch
Öhrberg, LisaLisa ÖhrbergActorHerd girl
Öhrberg, LisaLisa ÖhrbergActorAn Ugly Child
Öhrberg, ThoreThore ÖhrbergActorThe Newcomer
Öhrberg, ThoreThore ÖhrbergActorA Fellah
Grieg, Edvard, HagerupEdvard Grieg (Edvard Hagerup Grieg)Composer
Andrésen, Jens, C.Jens C. AndrésenDesigner
Wang, Jens, Jens WangDesigner
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
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Per GyntPer Gynt1914-10-1085070
Per GyntPer Gynt1914-11-2085071
Production NationalitySweden
Performance languageSwedish
Further InformationPlayed 3 - 15 October 1914 and 20 January 1915 in Höganäs. Complete tour list not obtained.
Event Identifier82923