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VenueFjæreheia, Tauleveien, Grimstad, Norway
First Date15th July 2006
Opening Night15th July 2006
Last Date4th August 2006
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
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452706Afework, Mulugeta TesfayeMulugeta Tesfaye Afework (Mulugeta Tesfaye Afework)379ActorOther roles
452707Bergersen, Eirin SlåtteliaEirin Slåttelia Bergersen (Eirin Slåttelia Bergersen)379ActorOther roles
452723Carlsen, Siv KatrineSiv Katrine Carlsen (Siv Katrine Carlsen)379ActorOther roles
452708Egeland, JanicheJaniche Egeland (Janiche Egeland)379ActorOther roles
429040Elvik, KjerstiKjersti Elvik (Kjersti Elvik)379ActorAgnes
452701Eriksen, Benedicte K.Benedicte K. Eriksen (Benedicte K. Eriksen)379ActorOther roles
452725Eskedal, SebastianSebastian Eskedal (Sebastian Eskedal)379ActorOther roles
452692Feste, Ole GeirOle Geir Feste (Ole Geir Feste)379ActorThe doctor
452693Fuglestveit, Ann IngridAnn Ingrid Fuglestveit (Ann Ingrid Fuglestveit)379ActorA woman
452713Grandemo, Anita SofieAnita Sofie Grandemo (Anita Sofie Grandemo)379ActorOther roles
452724Gyring, EirikEirik Gyring (Eirik Gyring)379ActorOther roles
452697Habte, Minas WolduMinas Woldu Habte (Minas Woldu Habte)379ActorOther roles
452719Habte, Woldu GonigheWoldu Gonighe Habte (Woldu Gonighe Habte)379ActorOther roles
452726Haidari, AliAli Haidari (Ali Haidari)379ActorOther roles
452699Haidari, YonesYones Haidari (Yones Haidari)379ActorOther roles
452712Hundsnes, Brit JorunnBrit Jorunn Hundsnes (Brit Jorunn Hundsnes)379ActorOther roles
452718Johannessen, Arne LieArne Lie Johannessen (Arne Lie Johannessen)379ActorOther roles
452704Kidane, Amanuel G.Amanuel G. Kidane (Amanuel G. Kidane)379ActorOther roles
452722Lama, Sanjay RumbaSanjay Rumba Lama (Sanjay Rumba Lama)379ActorOther roles
452716Larsen, Jon Andreas BullJon Andreas Bull Larsen (Jon Andreas Bull Larsen)379ActorOther roles
452694Ludvigsen, GeirGeir Ludvigsen (Geir Ludvigsen)379ActorA man
452714Lunden, BodilBodil Lunden (Bodil Lunden)379ActorOther roles
452710Mardal, KristinaKristina Mardal (Kristina Mardal)379ActorOther roles
452711Moen, IngvildIngvild Moen (Ingvild Moen)379ActorOther roles
452720Mohammadi, MahoudMahoud Mohammadi (Mahoud Mohammadi)379ActorOther roles
452717Naseri, HakimHakim Naseri (Hakim Naseri)379ActorOther roles
452696Nielsen, Silje HamreSilje Hamre Nielsen (Silje Hamre Nielsen)379ActorOther roles
450849Onstad, KariKari Onstad (Kari Onstad)379ActorBrand's mother
452373Rafaelsen, HenrikHenrik Rafaelsen (Henrik Rafaelsen)379ActorBrand
435052Rasmussen, FrodeFrode Rasmussen (Frode Rasmussen)379ActorThe mayor
452721Salim, Salim MareySalim Marey Salim (Salim Marey Salim)379ActorOther roles
452702Sandåker, HåvardHåvard Sandåker (Håvard Sandåker)379ActorOther roles
456683Scheele, HenrikHenrik Scheele379ActorThe dean
456683Scheele, HenrikHenrik Scheele379ActorA man
435037Skjelbred, Ole JohanOle Johan Skjelbred (Ole Johan Skjelbred)379ActorEinar
452715Skjong, JesperJesper Skjong (Jesper Skjong)379ActorOther roles
452695Skjong, MathiasMathias Skjong (Mathias Skjong)379ActorOther roles
452698Stavenes, HenrikHenrik Stavenes (Henrik Stavenes)379ActorOther roles
452705Terjesen, Nils ErlingNils Erling Terjesen (Nils Erling Terjesen)379ActorOther roles
452700Tjøstolfsen, Anne MayAnne May Tjøstolfsen (Anne May Tjøstolfsen)379ActorOther roles
452703Torbjørnsen, AtleAtle Torbjørnsen (Atle Torbjørnsen)379ActorOther roles
452709Ørmen, CecilieCecilie Ørmen (Cecilie Ørmen)379ActorOther roles
451533Øyen, Ingunn BeateIngunn Beate Øyen (Ingunn Beate Øyen)379ActorGerd
452206Hemmer, BjørnBjørn Hemmer (Bjørn Hemmer)389Adaptation
452689Gorecki, HenrykHenryk Gorecki (Henryk Gorecki)388Composer
452690Kodaly, ZoltánZoltán Kodaly (Zoltán Kodaly)388Composer
452691Shostakovich, DmitriDmitri Shostakovich (Dmitri Shostakovich)388Composer
429597Gravklev, KariKari Gravklev (Kari Gravklev)387Costume Designer
429597Gravklev, KariKari Gravklev (Kari Gravklev)376Designer
450685Winge, SteinStein Winge (Stein Winge)375Director
452688Evin, FranckFranck Evin (Franck Evin)380Lighting Designer
452687Wedvik, StigStig Wedvik (Stig Wedvik)377Mask Maker
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further Information13 Performances. / Outdoor theater in an old stone quarry with room for 1,000 spectators.
Event Identifier82129
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