Event Keiser og galileer
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VenueNrk P2 (Norge), Norway, Norway
First Date2nd February 2003
Opening Night2nd February 2003
Last Date23rd March 2003
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
    • Radio Production
  • Web: Ibsen.net
451631Andersen, Anders T.Anders T. Andersen379ActorSoldiers
434498Armand, FrøydisFrøydis Armand (Frøydis Armand)379ActorPublia
427716Armand, GiskenGisken Armand (Gisken Armand)379ActorEusebia
451768Bentzen, SverreSverre Bentzen (Sverre Bentzen)379ActorFlorentius
451668Berthelsen, TobiasTobias Berthelsen (Tobias Berthelsen)379ActorHilarionOther characters
451671Bjørnstad, RoyRoy Bjørnstad (Roy Bjørnstad)379ActorA priest
451569Broch, Nicolai CleveNicolai Cleve Broch (Nicolai Cleve Broch)379ActorCain
450720Brodal, Svein ErikSvein Erik Brodal (Svein Erik Brodal)379ActorLibanius
451674Brænne, TrondTrond Brænne (Trond Brænne)379ActorMedon
428441Calmeyer, JoachimJoachim Calmeyer (Joachim Calmeyer)379ActorUrsulus
451664Ellefsen, Per ChristianPer Christian Ellefsen (Per Christian Ellefsen)379ActorCaesarius of Nazianzus
452198Espeland, MortenMorten Espeland (Morten Espeland)379ActorPotamon
429242Folstad, AstridAstrid Folstad (Astrid Folstad)379ActorThe voice of the light
452201Grøndahl, ChristopherChristopher Grøndahl (Christopher Grøndahl)379ActorOther characters
434497Grønli, JanJan Grønli (Jan Grønli)379ActorJovian
438687Harr, ThorbjørnThorbjørn Harr (Thorbjørn Harr)379ActorAgathon
450788Haugen, KimKim Haugen (Kim Haugen)379ActorMalchus
430076Hivju, ErikErik Hivju (Erik Hivju)379ActorMaris
451053Hjelmeland, BjarteBjarte Hjelmeland (Bjarte Hjelmeland)379ActorGallus
451687Hoff, Stig HenrikStig Henrik Hoff (Stig Henrik Hoff)379ActorMaurus
451769Høvik, TrondTrond Høvik (Trond Høvik)379ActorEunapius
452200Jacobsen, ErikErik Jacobsen (Erik Jacobsen)379ActorAmmian
451255Johannessen, Bendik Ø.Bendik Ø. Johannessen (Bendik Ø. Johannessen)379ActorSoldiers
451001Joner, JohannesJohannes Joner (Johannes Joner)379ActorBasil of Caesarea
451105Jørgensen, IngridIngrid Jørgensen (Ingrid Jørgensen)379ActorMacrina
451284Karlsen, Svein RogerSvein Roger Karlsen (Svein Roger Karlsen)379ActorSintula
452199Knudsen, Ole Johan SkjelbredOle Johan Skjelbred Knudsen (Ole Johan Skjelbred Knudsen)379ActorAlexander
450822Kolsrud, LasseLasse Kolsrud (Lasse Kolsrud)379ActorGregor
450820Krigsvoll, AnneAnne Krigsvoll (Anne Krigsvoll)379ActorMyrrha
451443Langhelle, JørgenJørgen Langhelle (Jørgen Langhelle)379ActorNevita
451065Linnestad, Eli AnneEli Anne Linnestad (Eli Anne Linnestad)379ActorBarbara
434701Lund, Rolf ArlyRolf Arly Lund (Rolf Arly Lund)379ActorLaipso
450953Lydvo, HallvardHallvard Lydvo (Hallvard Lydvo)379ActorSeverus
451858Mai-The, Paul DucPaul Duc Mai-The (Paul Duc Mai-The)379ActorHormisdasPersian renegade
431601Mestad, HenrikHenrik Mestad (Henrik Mestad)379ActorPhocion
451679Nyutstumo, AnneAnne Nyutstumo (Anne Nyutstumo)379ActorOther characters
434625Oftebro, Nils OleNils Ole Oftebro (Nils Ole Oftebro)379ActorMaximus
451312Ousdal, MadsMads Ousdal (Mads Ousdal)379ActorJudas
451526Ranes, TerjeTerje Ranes (Terje Ranes)379ActorLeontes
451122Reppen, IrenIren Reppen (Iren Reppen)379ActorHelena
432658Risan, KnutKnut Risan (Knut Risan)379ActorCyrillus
451436Scharffenberg, SveinSvein Scharffenberg (Svein Scharffenberg)379ActorOribases
434496Skagestad, BjørnBjørn Skagestad (Bjørn Skagestad)379ActorDecentius
451541Solberg, SverreSverre Solberg (Sverre Solberg)379ActorJulian
452202Solum, EspenEspen Solum (Espen Solum)379ActorOther characters
451580Svensen, TrineTrine Svensen (Trine Svensen)379ActorTwo horny women
451294Sørensen, ReidarReidar Sørensen (Reidar Sørensen)379ActorConstantinus
451961Tellefsen, TomTom Tellefsen (Tom Tellefsen)379ActorEutherius
451666Vollan, IngridIngrid Vollan (Ingrid Vollan)379ActorTwo horny women
450947Øksnes, JulieJulie Øksnes (Julie Øksnes)379ActorOther characters
451662Barca, ArneArne Barca (Arne Barca)389Adaptation
451663Grøndahl, Carl HenrikCarl Henrik Grøndahl (Carl Henrik Grøndahl)389Adaptation
450779Feidje, ÅsmundÅsmund Feidje (Åsmund Feidje)388Composer
451528Berthelsen, SteinarSteinar Berthelsen (Steinar Berthelsen)375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
451663Grøndahl, Carl HenrikCarl Henrik Grøndahl (Carl Henrik Grøndahl)384Producer
451662Barca, ArneArne Barca (Arne Barca)381Sound Designer
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationPosted on NRK P2 in eight parts: Cæsars frafall (Caesar's apostasy) (1st - 4th part) sent 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23 February. Keiser Julian (Emperor Julian) (1st - 4th part) sent 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23 March 2003. / Orchestra and choir: Radio Orchestra (conductor Christian Eggen), Grex Vocalis (conductor: He treats), Tone Braaten (solo singing) and Vålerenga guild. / Radio drama.
Event Identifier81686
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