Event Hedda Gabler
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VenueDeutsches Theater, Schumannstraße 13, Berlin, Germany
First Date29th October 1908
Opening Night7th October 1903
Primary GenreTheatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre
Bergonzio, Modesta, Modesta BergonzioActorBerte
Berti Masi, Elisa, Elisa Berti MasiActorBerte
Capelli, Dante, Dante CapelliActorEjlert Løvborg
Duse, Eleonora,Eleonora DuseActorHedda Tesman
Galvani, Ciro, Ciro GalvaniActorJorgen Tesman
Granozio, Annita, Annita GranozioActorBerte
Lavaggi, Armando, Armando LavaggiActorJorgen Tesman
Robert, Alfredo, Alfredo RobertActorJudge Brack
Scalambretti, Argenide, Argenide ScalambrettiActorJuliane Tesman
Verani, Vittorina, Vittorina VeraniActorThea Elvsted
Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik IbsenPlaywright
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Production NationalityItaly
Performance languageItalian
Further InformationChanges in cast: Bianca Franci played Thea Elvsted in Munich, Mantua and Vienna 1905. A. Lavaggi played Tesman and E. Berti-Masi played Berta in Vienna 1908. Galvani, Scalambretti, Verani, Capelli, Robert and Granozio performed in Vienna and Berlin 1908. The company performed Rosmersholm on the same tour. Sources: l’Arte Drammatica 11.11.1905, 1.2.1908. Dagbladet 3.2.1906. Playbills for the performances in London, Kristiania, Munich, Dresden, Buenos Aires, Vienna, London and Berlin. Darmstädter Tagblatt 5.12.1908. It has not been confirmed that the premiere took place in London 7 October 1903.
Event Identifier80346