Event Peer Gynt
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VenueSchauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Carl-Theodor-Straße 8, Düsseldorf, Germany
First Date16th June 1912
Last Date17th June 1912
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
444241Bach, ElseElse Bach (Else Bach)379ActorA girlFive girls
462130Behrens, ArthurArthur Behrens379ActorThe Troll King
444707Blask, ArthurArthur Blask (Arthur Blask)379ActorA boyFour boys
444401Boić, Ema (Gemma)Ema (Gemma) Boić (Ema (Gemma) Boić)379ActorHerd girlThree mountain girls/Anitras friends/Colossi of Memnon vote
428733Dalands, ElsaElsa Dalands (Elsa Dalands)379ActorHerd girlThree mountain girls
428733Dalands, ElsaElsa Dalands (Elsa Dalands)379ActorA girlTwo kitchens girls
444711Denzel, RudolfRudolf Denzel (Rudolf Denzel)379ActorSlavesTwo slaves
443974Dumont, EugenEugen Dumont (Eugen Dumont)379ActorHuhu
443737Ehrens, ArthurArthur Ehrens (Arthur Ehrens)379ActorMr Cotton
444709Eickhoff, IdaIda Eickhoff (Ida Eickhoff)379ActorA girlFive girls
429091Esser, PeterPeter Esser (Peter Esser)379ActorThe boatswain
429091Esser, PeterPeter Esser (Peter Esser)379ActorA boyFour boys
443742Everth, FranzFranz Everth (Franz Everth)379ActorPeer Gynt
443980Fußt, LotteLotte Fußt (Lotte Fußt)379ActorA WomanTwo women
443980Fußt, LotteLotte Fußt (Lotte Fußt)379ActorA girlTwo kitchen girls
444397Gerhards, PaulPaul Gerhards (Paul Gerhards)379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
444397Gerhards, PaulPaul Gerhards (Paul Gerhards)379ActorSea Captain
429523Goetzke, BernhardBernhard Goetzke (Bernhard Goetzke)379ActorA Buttonmoulder
429523Goetzke, BernhardBernhard Goetzke (Bernhard Goetzke)379ActorThe Strange PassengerThe difficulty
444396Gries, EllaElla Gries (Ella Gries)379ActorHelga
444708Hainé, ToniToni Hainé (Toni Hainé)379ActorA girlFive girls/Anitras friends
444395Hannen, GreteGrete Hannen (Grete Hannen)379ActorThe Newcomer’s wifeSolveigs mother
429980Henckels, PaulPaul Henckels (Paul Henckels)379ActorTroll courtierTwo court troll
429980Henckels, PaulPaul Henckels (Paul Henckels)379ActorBegriffenfeldt
429980Henckels, PaulPaul Henckels (Paul Henckels)379ActorThin Man
443983Herz, HennyHenny Herz (Henny Herz)379ActorA girlFive girls
443983Herz, HennyHenny Herz (Henny Herz)379ActorAnitra
443738Hoch, RudolfRudolf Hoch (Rudolf Hoch)379ActorMads Moen's father
444239Holl, FritzFritz Holl (Fritz Holl)379ActorA ship's cook
444239Holl, FritzFritz Holl (Fritz Holl)379ActorA manFour men
444074Hübner, HerbertHerbert Hübner (Herbert Hübner)379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
444074Hübner, HerbertHerbert Hübner (Herbert Hübner)379ActorAslak
444393Janower, PaulaPaula Janower (Paula Janower)379ActorIngrid
443454Kigler, TheodorTheodor Kigler (Theodor Kigler)379ActorFuchs
444179Maur, MeinhartMeinhart Maur (Meinhart Maur)379ActorA Fellah
444409Müller, KarlKarl Müller (Karl Müller)379ActorA manFour men
443749Osterloh, HildegardHildegard Osterloh (Hildegard Osterloh)379ActorA WomanTwo women
444403Oswald, RichardRichard Oswald (Richard Oswald)379ActorA manFour men
444411Redmann, WilliWilli Redmann (Willi Redmann)379ActorA boyFour boys/Slave Ranger, mate
443745Reiff, FritzFritz Reiff (Fritz Reiff)379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
443745Reiff, FritzFritz Reiff (Fritz Reiff)379ActorMads Moen
443796Robert, HeleneHelene Robert (Helene Robert)379ActorHerd girlThree mountain girls
443972Schiff, Hermann Hermann Schiff (Hermann Schiff)379ActorAn Ugly ChildMikkel
443972Schiff, Hermann Hermann Schiff (Hermann Schiff)379ActorA thief
444710Schweitzer, AlbertAlbert Schweitzer (Albert Schweitzer)379ActorSlavesTwo slaves/Schafmann
443460Stein, JosefaJosefa Stein (Josefa Stein)379ActorMother Aase
443973Steinbeck, WalterWalter Steinbeck (Walter Steinbeck)379ActorA boyFour boys
443973Steinbeck, WalterWalter Steinbeck (Walter Steinbeck)379ActorMonsieur Ballon
444407Stoeger, MonikaMonika Stoeger (Monika Stoeger)379ActorA WomanFemale/Anitras friends
443932Stolle, HermannHermann Stolle (Hermann Stolle)379ActorThe steward
443932Stolle, HermannHermann Stolle (Hermann Stolle)379ActorA look-out
443932Stolle, HermannHermann Stolle (Hermann Stolle)379ActorA Fence
444415Thorndike, EdithEdith Thorndike (Edith Thorndike)379ActorA girlFive girls
444706von Carlberg, ErikaErika von Carlberg (Erika von Carlberg)379ActorWoman in greenIn green/Anitras friends
443935Weber, AugustAugust Weber (August Weber)379ActorThe NewcomerSolveig's father
443935Weber, AugustAugust Weber (August Weber)379ActorA Priest
443798Wehrmann, IlseIlse Wehrmann (Ilse Wehrmann)379ActorSolveig
443740Weichert, RichardRichard Weichert (Richard Weichert)379ActorHussein
443740Weichert, RichardRichard Weichert (Richard Weichert)379ActorTroll courtierTwo court troll
444399Werra, AdeleAdele Werra (Adele Werra)379ActorMads Moen's mother
444712Zondervan, HerthaHertha Zondervan (Hertha Zondervan)379ActorAnitras friends
427079Grieg, EdvardEdvard Grieg388Composer
467966Schindler, HansHans Schindler395Conductor
444376Klihm, GertrudGertrud Klihm (Gertrud Klihm)387Costume Designer
444375Sturm, EduardEduard Sturm (Eduard Sturm)376Designer
443970Bruck, ReinhardReinhard Bruck (Reinhard Bruck)375Director
431157Lindemann, GustavGustav Lindemann (Gustav Lindemann)375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityGermany
Performance languageGerman
Further InformationThe production was recorded over two nights with premiere 16 and 17 June 1912. For the second part, which included fourth and fifth act, was just Reinhard Bruck listed as a director. The first part was based on the same stage productions in 1910 ( see entry for this ) with Reinhard Bruck and Gustav Lindemann as directors.
Event Identifier79535
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