Event Brand - Dramatisk Digt i 5 Akter (8 Tableauer)
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DescriptionDramatic Poem in 5 Acts (8 Tableaux)
VenueEldorado Teater, Torggata 9, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway
First Date21st October 1895
Opening Night21st October 1895
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
441909Adamsen, Anna GretaAnna Greta Adamsen (Anna Greta Adamsen)379ActorA woman1. woman
441933Alftan, ArthurArthur Alftan (Arthur Alftan)379ActorA man6. man, 1. boy
428218Boström, LindaLinda Boström379ActorBrand's mother
441794Brinck, KnutKnut Brinck (Knut Brinck)379ActorA clerk
441794Brinck, KnutKnut Brinck (Knut Brinck)379ActorThe sexton
441932Crispin, WilgottWilgott Crispin (Wilgott Crispin)379ActorA man
441932Crispin, WilgottWilgott Crispin (Wilgott Crispin)379ActorA peasant
428831Deurell, CarlCarl Deurell (Carl Deurell)379ActorA man
428831Deurell, CarlCarl Deurell (Carl Deurell)379ActorThe doctor
428831Deurell, CarlCarl Deurell (Carl Deurell)379ActorA peasant
439360Dorsch-Bosin, LottenLotten Dorsch-Bosin (Lotten Dorsch-Bosin)379ActorA womanA gipsy woman
441790Englund, HuldaHulda Englund (Hulda Englund)379ActorGerd
441193Kellberg, KarlKarl Kellberg (Karl Kellberg)379ActorA man
441193Kellberg, KarlKarl Kellberg (Karl Kellberg)379ActorThe dean
431148Lindberg, AugustAugust Lindberg (August Lindberg)379ActorBrand
441650Lindberg, AugustaAugusta Lindberg (Augusta Lindberg)379ActorAgnes
441785Lindroth, KnutKnut Lindroth (Knut Lindroth)379ActorEinar
439974Nilsson, AlfredAlfred Nilsson (Alfred Nilsson)379ActorA woman2. woman
441931Raymond, EmmyEmmy Raymond (Emmy Raymond)379ActorAlfHis son
439473Sandqvist, JohanJohan Sandqvist (Johan Sandqvist)379ActorA man5. man, 2. boy
439593Sjöberg, ConstanceConstance Sjöberg (Constance Sjöberg)379ActorA woman3. woman
441787Öberg, ErnstErnst Öberg (Ernst Öberg)379ActorA man
441787Öberg, ErnstErnst Öberg (Ernst Öberg)379ActorA peasant
432079Olsen, OleOle Olsen (Ole Olsen)388Composer
441929Brolin, AndreasAndreas Brolin (Andreas Brolin)376Designer
440078Grabow, CarlCarl Grabow (Carl Grabow)376Designer
441930Orling, E.E. Orling (E. Orling)376Designer
434063Wang, JensJens Wang (Jens Wang)376Designer
431148Lindberg, AugustAugust Lindberg (August Lindberg)375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Première in a TourYes
Production NationalitySweden
Performance languageSwedish
Further Information9 Performances / This was the first time that Brand in full was performed in Norway.
Event Identifier78707
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