Event De Unges Forbund
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VenueChristiania Theater, Bankplassen, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway
First Date18th August 1879
Last Date30th April 1880
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
439190Abelsted, ChristianChristian Abelsted (Christian Abelsted)379ActorBastian Monsen
434967Bosse-Fahlstrøm, AlmaAlma Bosse-Fahlstrøm (Alma Bosse-Fahlstrøm)379ActorA maidservant at the Chamberlain's household
434631Brun, JohannesJohannes Brun (Johannes Brun)379ActorDaniel Hejre
439192Bucher, Ole JohanOle Johan Bucher (Ole Johan Bucher)379ActorMons Monsen
439189Gundersen, SigvardSigvard Gundersen (Sigvard Gundersen)379ActorChamberlain Brattsberg
439880Hansen, -- Hansen (- Hansen)379ActorRagna
429818Hansson, Olaf MørchOlaf Mørch Hansson (Olaf Mørch Hansson)379ActorHelle
430289Isachsen, AndreasAndreas Isachsen (Andreas Isachsen)379ActorAslaksen
430451Juell, Johanne RegineJohanne Regine Juell (Johanne Regine Juell)379ActorSelma
439216Klausen, HenrikHenrik Klausen (Henrik Klausen)379ActorAnders Lundestad
439180Kristoffersen, -- Kristoffersen (- Kristoffersen)379ActorA servant girl at Mrs. Rundholmen's
432562Reimers, ArnoldusArnoldus Reimers (Arnoldus Reimers)379ActorStensgaard
432936Schanche, BerentBerent Schanche (Berent Schanche)379ActorDr. Fjeldbo
439191Selmer, JensJens Selmer (Jens Selmer)379ActorErik Brattsberg
433115Selmer, LeonoraLeonora Selmer (Leonora Selmer)379ActorThora
439259Simonsen, -- Simonsen (- Simonsen)379ActorA waiter
434288Wolf, LucieLucie Wolf (Lucie Wolf)379ActorMrs. Rundholmen
439256Brun, MichaelMichael Brun (Michael Brun)375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
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Is Part ofUnges Forbund, DeDe Unges Forbund11704Christiania Theater1869-10-1877906
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageDanish, Norwegian
Further Information11 Performances. / This was the piece that was performed the most by Christiania Theater. / Source: T. Blanc - Henrik Ibsen og Christiania Theater 1850-1899, Kristiania 1906.
Event Identifier77914
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