Event Fragmentos de Brand
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Description1h 43 min. Film A tale in four times directed by Carlos Alvarez-Ossorio, based in the theatrical performance Brand by Cámara Negra (a spanish theatre company) inspired in the dramatic poem by Henrik Ibsen. Brand wakes up next to a tree in the middle of a desolate space. He seems not remember who is he or what he is doing there. After wandering aimlessly, he meets three unknown who don't speak a word. Without knowing exactly what they want from him, Brand, who sees in everything what surrounds him biblical signs of a divine mission, lets himself be guided by them. From that moment, everything develops as a tale at the same time naive and cruel, in a rough, rude and primitive environment.
VenueCentro Galego De Artes Da Imaxe, Rúa Durán Loriga, 10, A Coruña, Spain
First Date21st November 2012
Primary GenreFilm
Xosé M. BañoActor
Alejandro CarroActor
Xosé M. EsperanteActor
Teté GarcíaActor
José María López Baño TanasActor
Marta PérezActor
Carlos Alvarez-OssorioAdaptation
Carlos Alvarez-OssorioAssistant Director
Diego FreyAssistant Director
Francisco CuadradoComposer
Carlos Alvarez-OssorioDirector
Diego FreyDirector
Fátima VarelaProducer
Production NationalitySpain
Performance languageGalician
Event Identifier100378