Contributor Virginia Kline
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
80877Pillars of SocietyHollis Street Theatre25th April 1910Actor
80876Pillars of SocietyLyceum Theatre28th March 1910Actor
92957GhostsMacauleys Theater4th January 1904Actor
92952GhostsEnglish Theatre17th October 1903Actor
80318GhostsMcVicker’s Theater7th May 1903Actor
92943GhostsThe Metropolitan19th April 1903Actor
92942GhostsLyceum3rd April 1903Actor
80267GhostsMrs. Osborn's Theatre3rd March 1903Actor
80266GhostsHollis Street Theatre17th February 1903Actor
80265GhostsManhattan Theatre26th January 1903Actor
80264GhostsBaltimore10th November 1902Actor
92940GhostsColumbia Theatre10th November 1902Actor
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