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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
80181Doctor StockmanImperial Theatre1st May 1924Actora merchant
80180Doctor StockmanGreat Northern Theatre14th April 1924Actora merchant
80179Doctor StockmanJolson's 59th Street Theatre20th November 1923Actora merchant
100213Kukol'nyj dom (A Doll's House)Теatr RSFSR20th April 1922Adaptation
100355Sojuz molodeži (The League of Youth)Теatr RSFSR7th August 1921Adaptation
100362Doll's HouseFirst Soviet Theater in the Name of Lenin6th August 1920Director
100363Doll's HouseTheatre of Workers' Club7th June 1918Director
100364The Lady from the SeaAleksandriskij teatr15th December 1917Director
100365Master BuilderVitebsk12th March 1908Director
100202Hedda GablerVitebsk21st February 1908Director
100201Comedy of LoveTeatr V. F. Komissarzhevskoi22nd January 1907Director
100197Love's ComedyTheatre of the Artistic Society20th February 1906Director
100199GhostsTbilisi20th February 1906Director
100198A Doll's HouseTbilisi20th February 1906Director
100195An Enemy of the PeopleTheatre of the Artistic Society26th September 1904Director
100193GhostsKherson15th September 1903Director
100192A Doll's HouseKherson15th September 1903Director
100194Little EyolfKherson15th September 1903Director
100186The Wild Duck22nd September 1902Director
100188An Enemy of the PeopleKherson22nd September 1902Director
100187Hedda GablerKherson22nd September 1902Director
80196Dikaja utkaMoskovskij Chudožestvennyj akademičeskij teatr19th September 1901ActorChamberlain Flor
80178Doctor StockmanMoskovskij Chudožestvennyj akademičeskij teatr24th October 1900ActorPeter Stockmann
100191The Lady from the SeaSevastopolMay 1903Director
100200GhostsJune 1906Director
98769Doctor StockmanSt. PetersburgFebruary 1901ActorPeter Stockmann
100196Comedy of Love1905Director
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