Contributor Christopher Hampton
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FunctionsAdaptation, Producer, Translator
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
99803A Doll's HouseStudio Theatre – Tierra Del Sol19th March 2019Translator
98731Hedda GablerWickham Theatre Centre19th February 2018Adaptation
94043An Enemy of the PeopleChichester Festival Theatre22nd April 2016Adaptation
88229An Enemy of the PeopleTodd Theatre27th February 2014Translator
85783A Doll's HouseAuditorium Mainstage Theatre at Glendale Community College8th November 2012Adaptation
86269Hedda GablerMelville13th July 2012Translator
85678A Doll's HouseAshtabula Arts Center4th November 2011Translator
77766A Doll's HouseThe Greenhouse Theater Center Downstairs Studio22nd January 2011Adaptation
93451An Enemy of the PeopleThe Very Little Theatre14th January 2011Translator
93479An Enemy of the PeopleWilliams Center for the Arts3rd November 2010Adaptation
92887An Enemy of the PeopleCrucible Theatre11th February 2010Adaptation
93008Hedda GablerLIPA - Sennheiser Studio Theatre14th May 2009Adaptation
76153A Doll's HouseVale Farm Sports Centre1st March 2007Translator
91787Hedda GablerLoessin Playhouse16th November 2006Adaptation
91693Hedda GablerVictoria Hall19th October 2006Translator
91587An Enemy of the PeopleNorthfield Arts Guild Theater29th September 2006Translator
91565An Enemy of the PeopleThe Questors Playhouse23rd September 2006Translator
91245Hedda GablerCohen Family Studio Theatre, University of Cincinnati College27th April 2006Translator
91188An Enemy of the PeopleWokingham Theatre20th April 2006Translator
90783An Enemy of the PeopleRobinson Hall for the Performing Arts26th October 2005Translator
90721Hedda GablerTisch School of the Arts27th September 2005Translator
77285A Doll's HousePersephone Theatre22nd September 2005Translator
77416A Doll's HouseQuarry Theatre18th February 2005Adaptation
76652A Doll's HouseCompany OnStage14th January 2005Adaptation
87840Hedda GablerNew York Theatre Workshop10th September 2004Translator
88645Hedda GablerHarwich Junior Theatre20th May 2004Adaptation
89984An Enemy of the PeopleWilliamstown Theatre Festival Main Stage20th August 2003Adaptation
89620Hedda GablerThe Ron Barber Studio Theatre, The Crescent Theatre24th January 2003Adaptation
89492Hedda GablerWhite Bear Theatre19th November 2002Translator
89484Hedda GablerNew Theatre Royal13th November 2002Adaptation
76977A Doll's HouseBlack River Playhouse19th April 2002Translator
90730Hedda GablerKalita Humphreys Theater5th September 2001Translator
89968Hedda GablerDrama Centre, Fort Canning Rise9th May 2001Translator
96179Hedda GablerAthenaeum Theatre25th April 2000Adaptation
96034Hedda GablerAiken Community Playhouse13th April 2000Adaptation
88207An Enemy of the PeopleAhmanson Theatre, The Music Center22nd July 1998Translator
88206An Enemy of the PeopleOlivier Theatre28th April 1998Translator
95233Hedda GablerTheatre in the Square25th March 1998Adaptation
88205An Enemy of the PeopleOlivier Theatre12th September 1997Translator
77204A Doll's HouseBirmingham Repertory Theatre11th October 1996Translator
100190The Wild DuckNIDA Theatre2nd April 1996Translator
87385Hedda GablerThe Other Place14th January 1996Translator
76572A Doll's HouseBaxter Studio31st May 1995Adaptation
87602Hedda GablerThe Old Globe Theatre30th April 1995Adaptation
87340Hedda GablerArena Stage27th January 1995Translator
76666A Doll's HouseMinerva Theatre2nd June 1994Adaptation
86812Hedda GablerSouth Hill Park Arts Centre22nd October 1993Adaptation
86811Hedda GablerMerlin Theatre21st October 1993Adaptation
86810Hedda GablerPalace Theatre19th October 1993Adaptation
86809Hedda GablerStahl Theatre15th October 1993Adaptation
86808Hedda Gablermac Birmingham13th October 1993Adaptation
86806Hedda GablerWhitley Bay Playhouse (Playhouse Whitley Bay)11th October 1993Adaptation
86805Hedda GablerTheatre Royal7th October 1993Adaptation
86804Hedda GablerGuildhall Theatre6th October 1993Adaptation
86803Hedda GablerLuton Library Theatre1st October 1993Adaptation
86802Hedda GablerThe Trinity Theatre29th September 1993Adaptation
86813Hedda GablerMaltings Arts Centre24th September 1993Adaptation
86801Hedda GablerBurnley Mechanics22nd September 1993Adaptation
86800Hedda GablerThe Globe Tokyo9th September 1993Adaptation
86798Hedda GablerBuxton Opera House10th August 1993Adaptation
86799Hedda GablerHolland Park Theatre15th July 1993Adaptation
86797Hedda GablerThe Brewhouse9th July 1993Adaptation
86796Hedda GablerNorwich Arts Centre8th July 1993Adaptation
86795Hedda GablerBrewery Arts Centre2nd July 1993Adaptation
86794Hedda GablerStanwix Arts Theatre1st July 1993Adaptation
86793Hedda GablerQueen's Hall Arts Centre30th June 1993Adaptation
86792Hedda GablerOxford Playhouse25th June 1993Adaptation
86791Hedda GablerBlackfriars Arts Centre19th June 1993Adaptation
86790Hedda GablerAngles Centre18th June 1993Adaptation
86789Hedda GablerThe Hawth17th June 1993Adaptation
86788Hedda GablerCrucible Studio3rd June 1993Adaptation
86787Hedda GablerGulbenkian Theatre28th May 1993Adaptation
86786Hedda GablerTheatr Mwldan26th May 1993Adaptation
86785Hedda GablerTheatr Ardudwy25th May 1993Adaptation
86784Hedda GablerAlhambra Theatre21st May 1993Adaptation
86782Hedda GablerCramphorn Theatre18th May 1993Adaptation
86781Hedda GablerTheatre Royal Plymouth11th May 1993Adaptation
86783Hedda GablerHorsham Arts Centre9th May 1993Adaptation
77726A Doll's HouseMarket Theatre8th May 1990Translator
91054Hedda GablerThe Playhouse30th September 1989Adaptation
86599Hedda GablerOlivier Theatre2nd February 1989Adaptation
86636A Doll´s HouseRiverside Studios1st September 1988Translator
86425Hedda GablerPrincess Theatre7th April 1988Translator
85350A Doll's HouseFrederic Wood Theatre16th September 1987Translator
85977Hedda GablerJames A. Doolittle Theatre5th June 1986Adaptation
85995Hedda GablerDundee Rep Theatre22nd March 1985Translator
85985Hedda GablerFaunce House Arena Theatre7th March 1985Adaptation
85796Hedda GablerAlmeida Theatre21st April 1984Translator
86970Hedda GablerYvonne Arnaud Theatre16th February 1982Translator
84981Hedda GablerRoundabout Theatre Company16th May 1981Adaptation
98348Hedda GablerHarrogate Theatre19th April 1981Adaptation
84964The Wild DuckOlivier Theatre13th December 1979Translator
75543A Doll's HouseB. Iden Payne Theatre10th October 1979Translator
98101Hedda GablerThe Dukes Playhouse8th November 1978Adaptation
83868Hedda GablerQR Centre21st January 1977Translator
76999A Doll's HouseThe Players Workshop6th May 1976Adaptation
77589A Doll's HouseKrannert Center for the Performing Arts25th June 1975Translator
76539A Doll's HousePeacock Theatre28th April 1975Adaptation
76055A Doll's HouseVivian Beaumont Theater21st February 1975Translator
76056A Doll's HouseZellerbach Theatre31st January 1975Translator
77598A Doll's HouseThe Goodman Theatre16th November 1973Translator
77024A Doll's HouseCriterion Theatre20th February 1973Adaptation
77025A Doll's HouseThe John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts18th October 1971Adaptation
84131Hedda GablerPlayhouse Theatre17th February 1971Adaptation
76946A Doll's HousePlayhouse Theatre4th January 1971Adaptation
84501Hedda GablerFestival Theatre10th June 1970Adaptation
101086Hedda GablerGilbert F. Hartwig TheatreTranslator
88208An Enemy of the PeopleConnecticut1998Translator
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