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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
77732Mabou Mines DollhouseCutler Majestic Theatre1st November 2011ActorDr. Rank
77731Mabou Mines DollhouseThe John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts20th October 2011ActorDr. Rank
76884Mabou Mines DollhouseMaly Branch Theatre6th November 2009ActorDr. Rank
91413Mabou Mines DollhouseFrance18th March 2009ActorDr. Rank
77728Mabou Mines DollhouseSt. Ann's Warehouse12th February 2009ActorDr. Rank
76883Mabou Mines DollhouseEpidaurus Festival21st July 2008ActorDr. Rank
76882Mabou Mines DollhouseLG Arts Center3rd April 2008ActorDr. Rank
76881Mabou Mines DollhouseIberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá7th March 2008ActorDr. Rank
77729Mabou Mines DollhouseTeatro Espanol26th October 2007ActorDr. Rank
76880Mabou Mines DollhouseDialog Wrocław10th October 2007ActorDr. Rank
76879Mabou Mines DollhouseKing's Theatre24th August 2007ActorDr. Rank
76878Mabou Mines DollhouseDrama Centre Theatre21st June 2007ActorDr. Rank
76877Mabou Mines DollhouseParco Della Musica Auditorium21st May 2007ActorDr. Rank
76876Mabou Mines DollhouseHarbourfront Centre24th January 2007ActorDr. Rank
75838Mabou Mines DollhouseFreud Playhouse, UCLA Live28th November 2006ActorDr. Rank
75837Mabou Mines DollhouseTeatro Espanol25th October 2006ActorDr. Rank
76875Mabou Mines DollhouseQUT Gardens Theatre15th July 2006ActorDr. Rank
75836Mabou Mines DollhouseLeisure and Cultural Services Department2nd June 2006ActorDr. Rank
75835Mabou Mines DollhouseSherover Theatre26th May 2006ActorDr. Rank
75834Mabou Mines DollhouseHolon Theatre23rd May 2006ActorDr. Rank
76874Mabou Mines DollhouseState University of New York at Purchase9th April 2006ActorDr. Rank
76873Mabou Mines DollhouseMuseum of Contemporary Art7th April 2006ActorDr. Rank
76872Mabou Mines DollhouseHopkins Center, Dartmouth College4th April 2006ActorDr. Rank
75833Mabou Mines DollhouseYale Repertory Theatre, University Theatre31st March 2006ActorDr. Rank
76871Mabou Mines DollhouseNazarian Center for the Performing Arts29th March 2006ActorDr. Rank
75832Mabou Mines DollhouseThe Museum of Contemporary Art30th November 2005ActorDr. Rank
75831Mabou Mines DollhouseMershon Auditorium, Wexner Center for the Arts16th November 2005ActorDr. Rank
75830Mabou Mines DollhouseWilliam and Nadine McGuire Theater9th November 2005ActorDr. Rank
75829Mabou Mines DollhouseThéâtre National de Strasbourg12th October 2005ActorDr. Rank
75828Mabou Mines DollhouseThéâtre National Populaire5th October 2005ActorDr. Rank
75827Mabou Mines DollhouseThéâtre National de la Colline27th September 2005ActorDr. Rank
75825Mabou Mines DollhouseStaatstheater Stuttgart29th June 2005ActorDr. Rank
75824Mabou Mines DollhouseSpoleto Festival26th May 2005ActorDr. Rank
75823Mabou Mines DollhouseNationaltheatret Amfiscenen2nd September 2004ActorDr. Rank
75826Mabou Mines DollhouseSt. Ann's Warehouse7th November 2003ActorDr. Rank
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