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FunctionsActor, Adaptation
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
90638Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomIbsenmuseet12th April 2007ActorPeer Gynt
90637Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomBjørnholt ungdomsskole1st December 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90636Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomHaugenstua ungdomsskole30th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90635Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomApalløkka skole29th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90634Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomLinderud skole28th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90633Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomGroruddalen ungdomskole27th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90631Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomOdda ungdomsskole15th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90632Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomJondal ungdomsskole15th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90630Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomEidfjord ungdomsskole14th November 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90629Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomBjøråsen ungdomsskole27th October 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90628Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomEllingsrud ungdomsskole26th October 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90626Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomSkøyenåsen ungdomsskole25th October 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90625Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomRis ungdomskole24th October 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90624Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomHauketo ungdomsskole23rd October 2006ActorPeer Gynt
75391玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou zhi jia)The National Theatre of China17th September 2006ActorNora
90623培尔·金特——给年轻人的演出 (Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdom) (Pei'er Jinte)The National Theatre of China10th September 2006ActorPeer Gynt
90621Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomDeichmanske bibliotek, Stovner filial6th April 2006ActorPeer Gynt
82050Peer Gynt BukkerittetUnder Bredesøylen i Mesnaelva2nd March 2006Director
90620Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomIla skole4th November 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90619Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomRuseløkka skole3rd November 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90618Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomHovin skole2nd November 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90617Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomApalløkka skole1st November 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90615Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomHolmlia skole31st October 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90614Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomLinderud skole28th October 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90612Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomÅrvoll skole26th October 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90611Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomSagene skole25th October 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90610Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomHersleb skole25th October 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90609Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomHovseter skole24th October 2005ActorPeer Gynt
90608Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomKinn18th June 2005ActorPeer Gynt
75394玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wanou zhijia)Shanghai Spoken Drama Arts Center17th January 2001ActorNora
76166玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou zhi jia)China Experimental Theatre1st April 1998ActorNora
81142En folkefiendeMusikkteatret, Vestbanen14th April 1993ActorPetra
81141En folkefiendeTynset Kulturhus1st April 1993ActorPetra
81140En folkefiendeHedemarken Hotell (Teatersalen)31st March 1993ActorPetra
81139En folkefiendeTeatret Hamar30th March 1993ActorPetra
81138En folkefiendeRådhusteatret29th March 1993ActorPetra
81137En folkefiendeBodø Kulturhus25th March 1993ActorPetra
81136En folkefiendeHarstad Kulturhus24th March 1993ActorPetra
81135En folkefiendeKulturhuset21st March 1993ActorPetra
81134En folkefiendeFolkets Hus20th March 1993ActorPetra
81133En folkefiendeKinoteatret18th March 1993ActorPetra
81132En folkefiendeMosjøen Kino og Teater17th March 1993ActorPetra
81131En folkefiendeVerdal videreg. skole15th March 1993ActorPetra
81130En folkefiendeStiftelsen Dampsaga14th March 1993ActorPetra
81129En folkefiendeInderøy Kulturhus11th March 1993ActorPetra
81128En folkefiendeKinoen Stjørdal (Stjoerdal)10th March 1993ActorPetra
81127En folkefiendeKinosalen9th March 1993ActorPetra
81126En folkefiendeOtta kulturhus7th March 1993ActorPetra
81125En folkefiendeKinoen Lillehammer5th March 1993ActorPetra
81124En folkefiendeGjøvik Kinoen4th March 1993ActorPetra
81123En folkefiendeGol samfunnshus3rd March 1993ActorPetra
81122En folkefiendeHønefoss kino1st March 1993ActorPetra
81121En folkefiendeDrammens Teater17th February 1993ActorPetra
81120En folkefiendeKongsberg Kino15th February 1993ActorPetra
81119En folkefiendeModum Kulturhuset14th February 1993ActorPetra
81118En folkefiendeBiorama12th February 1993ActorPetra
81117En folkefiendeBakkenteigen Kulturhus11th February 1993ActorPetra
81116En folkefiendeNotodden Teater10th February 1993ActorPetra
81115En folkefiendeHjertnes Kulturhus9th February 1993ActorPetra
81114En folkefiendeBankettsalen i Hotell Klubben7th February 1993ActorPetra
81113En folkefiendeMunken kino5th February 1993ActorPetra
81112En folkefiendeIbsenhuset3rd February 1993ActorPetra
81111En folkefiendeKristiansand Teater31st January 1993ActorPetra
81110En folkefiendeGrimstad Kulturhus27th January 1993ActorPetra
81109En folkefiendeRisørhuset25th January 1993ActorPetra
86187Peer GyntSogn og Fjordane Teater7th March 1986ActorSolveig
75392玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou zhi jia)Shanghai Spoken Drama Arts CenterDecember 2006ActorNora
90622Peer Gynt - en forestilling for ungdomSognefjellet v/FanaråkenAugust 2006ActorPeer Gynt
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